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Mrs. P felt at a loss. She was frustrated that no amount of healthy eating or exercise seemed to get rid of those last stubborn fat pockets that clung to her lower abdomen and thighs. She had briefly thought about liposuction, but that just seemed way too extreme. She also looked into other fat reduction methods, but wasn’t keen on anything painful or involving injections.

That’s when she heard about Eudelo and their latest fat-reducing and cellulite busting body treatment…

And It’s Called The Eudelo Body

What Is The Eudelo Body?

Good question! The Eudelo Body is an advanced combination treatment that permanently reduces fatty tissue and smoothes cellulite. The treatment employs a unique three-step approach to slim specific areas of the body. Unlike some other fat reduction methods, the Eudelo Body is completely painless, has no downtime and provides an even, feathered result without surface irregularities.

AT Eudelo,We Have To Keep Reminding Ourselves That We Aren’t Really In The Skin Business…

The art of Eudelo is our passion for your confidence, health and happiness. Which means that we are about so much more than just skin.

In fact we should be known as being in the ‘confidence’ business, because we believe that is the greatest outcome we can ever achieve for our patients.

That’s also the great benefit The Eudelo Body treatment is offering our patients. Not only are we delivering skin confidence by reducing cellulite, but we are also offering a helping hand for slimming to melt away those stubborn fat pockets, without any need for painful injections or invasive procedures.

We want to be your one-stop shop for ALL your skin health and skin confidence issues.

This is game-changing…

We were appalled to notice the shocking aftercare that patients were experiencing from other health providers and wanted to find a solution to end this. Recognising that we are more than just skincare meant that we could finally offer our patients what they really needed…

The Eudelo Body uses a clinically proven, FDA approved technology for circumference reduction and, as an added benefit, the treatment also reduces the appearance of cellulite. There are 3 suitable body areas for this treatment:

• The Upper Abdomen including Flanks• The Lower Abdomen including Flanks• The Inner and Outer Thighs

These 3 areas are usually where our most stubborn fatty tissues tend to form where no amount of exercise or healthy eating ever seems to diminish them. Which can be so frustrating when you work hard to maintain your ideal body shape and are often forced to commit to drastic surgery measures just to remove and lesson the build-up that occurs over time.

Introducing Selective Radio-Frequency And BTL Acoustic Wave Therapy

Separately, both these treatments are already used widely in the cosmetic and weight-loss industries but here at Eudelo, we have developed a unique 3-step approach by combining these two treatments to optimise the fat-reducing results.

Our 3-step approach begins and ends with Acoustic Wave technology. In between the Acoustic Wave treatments, Selective Radio-Frequency is utilised to melt down fatty tissue in a specialised, powerful treatment.

Here is the breakdown of The Eudelo Body 3-step approach:

1.) The first round of Acoustic Wave prepares the fat tissue for optimum results2.) Then, Radio-Frequency is used once the tissue has reached maximum effectiveness, i.e fat cells are beginning to cancel out and collagen is improving3.) Lastly, Acoustic Wave helps eliminate the liquefied fat through the lymphatic system which effectively removes it from the body

The treatment concentrates on one problem area once a week using this 3-step approach so that it can permanently blitz the stubborn fat tissue and reduce the cellulite on your skin to reveal a much lighter, and leaner you.

Did You Know?

BTL Acoustic Wave Therapy is often a treatment that gets combined with another to accelerate and enhance the results. In the past, Acoustic Wave Therapy has been paired with Coolsculpting, which is more commonly known as a ‘Fat Freezing’ treatment.

Yet, if you have ever known anyone who has had a Coolsculpting treatment before you may have heard that it can be quite common for the patient to have bruising, swelling, and delayed onset pain following the procedure.

Coolsculpting can also take up to 3 months before even showing any noticeable results and even then, the results don’t tend to last as long as promised.

But We Can Provide Faster Results For A Much Lighter And Leaner You

The Eudelo Body will only take you 1 month to achieve the results that you’ve been searching for your whole life. And this treatment is the premier choice for a permanent and painless result for those who are struggling to treat their problem areas quickly and effectively.

And whilst we know how fantastic the results will be for most people with our latest scientific combination, there will always be the small chance that some patients might not be able to achieve the full desired effect due to a number of health or skin-related reasons.

This is why it is of great importance that you book your Discovery Call with us. Without it, how would we be able to consult you on any other beneficial, or cost-effective procedures for your specific skin-type or body shape?

Remember it’s care and confidence that we provide first and foremost.

Our Discovery Calls are always complimentary and we would only take payment for procedures once you’re happy with the advice that we offer you. If not, no official booking will be made.

We Want To Advise You On The Incredible Benefits That Our Eudelo Body Treatment Could Make On Your Body!

The Body Eudelo Treatment has a number of benefits such as…

• One-on-one advice from a trained professional here at• Eudelo, to discuss your more problematic body areas and to decide the best approach to benefit your body-shape• Feel happier with your appearance, smoother in your skin, lighter in your body and ready to show off your sunny confidence.• Experience an innovative non-surgical method to significantly improve the look and feel of your skin, no heavily invasive procedure necessary.• Reduce the cellulite and smoothen your skin for a more youthful look• Blitz the stubborn ‘fat pockets’ that have refused to disappear even after extensive diets and exercise• Take advantage of an exclusive opportunity here at Eudelo…

To introduce The Eudelo Body, we’re giving away an opportunity to try the treatment for yourself along with a fantastic offer. We’re excited to announce that if you book in today (or before the offer expires) then you will be able to receive two body-shaping treatments for the price of one!

To receive your Introductory price offer, you will need to enter your name and email information here so that we can have your code ready in your email box before you make the call.

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Why Do You Need My Email?

We only want you to enter your name and email so that we can be sure of your interest in this latest treatment that we are trying to provide.

We understand that when these offers are made, there can be a number of reasons why you don’t always want to commit financially straight away. Health reasons, busy schedules and family commitments are usually the biggest contributors.

There might even be more reasons depending on your situation. But that’s where Eudelo has you covered. Life may get in the way, but you can still let us know if you’re intrigued or interested in the treatment itself by providing your details.

So, do you want to stay exactly where you are, letting dull, lifeless skin and declining skin elasticity stop you from loving your appearance?

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This incredible offer is not one to be missed. Especially when there is so much for you to gain, with incredible changes to your body and skin that will leave you feeling so much more confident.

After all your hard work and efforts to maintain a healthy lifestyle, there is no other greater feeling than finally being able to see those last stubborn pockets of fat just melt away over the mere weeks that you will be with us for.

The Eudelo body is the transformation you have always wanted, and the transformation that you fully deserve. And our team will endeavour to look after you from your very first 90 minute session, to your very last appointment with us.

Throughout your weekly appointments, you are going to see some incredible changes in your body that you did not think possible before without painful surgery.

Yet, the Eudelo Body is challenging those ideas and we invite you to book your complimentary discovery call with us today so that you can experience the combined beauty and health-care culture that we are trying to create for our patients.

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1. How Does The Eudelo Body Treatment Work?

The treatment works as a very effective, non-surgical fat reduction procedure.And the results are permanent! The Eudelo Body works by encourages fat cells to commit suicide (so-called ‘adipocyte apoptosis’) and improves collagen production and lymphatic drainage in the treated area. The treatment employs a 3-step approach which uses two technologies – Acoustic Wave Technology and Selective Radio-Frequency. Here is a brief breakdown of how the two technologies are used in our 3-step approach:

• The first round of Acoustic Wave prepares the fat tissue for optimum results• Then, Radio-Frequency is used once the tissue has reached maximum effectiveness, i.e fat cells are beginning to cancel out and collagen is improving• Lastly, Acoustic Wave helps eliminate the liquefied fat through the lymphatic system which effectively removes it from the body

2. What Age Should You Start Having These Body Treatments?

Anyone above age 18.

3. How Often Do You Recommend The Treatment?

Once your treatment is complete, the results will be permanent. To gain your results you will be treated weekly for 1 month on one area of your body. But with the Eudelo Body introductory code we are offering to blitz two areas all for one price. There are a choice of 3 areas: Upper abdomen including flanks, lower abdomen including flanks or the inner and outer thighs. (Please note that we can only focus on one area of the body at a time per appointment).

4. Are There Any Side Effects And Will It Hurt?

There are no side effects to these treatments, and the process is completely pain free. We do selectively deliver heat into your adipose tissue to disrupt the cells, but patients have only ever commented that it feels like having their body pressed against a warm radiator.

5. Is It Safe?

We only use trusted and verified technology that has been FDA approved. So yes, The Body Eudelo Treatment is safe.

6. How do I find out more or book in?

To book in, or ask our team any further questions, all you need to do is click the button below to book a complimentary Discovery Call with our team.

Don’t miss out on this unique opportunity…

Simply click the button above to take the next step and book your Eudelo Body treatment after you have received your introductory bonus code in your email box.

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Dr Stefanie and the Eudelo team

Dr Stefanie and the Eudelo Team

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