Clinical Ear Piercing

“Piercing your ears is a one-off event that is vital to get right! Planning this carefully will let you enjoy your earrings safely for the rest of your life.”

Dr Stefanie, MD, Dermatologist®

ear-piercingIt has been estimated that about 20% of ear piercings become infected or never heal properly. There have even been cases of patients needing hospitalisation after piercings going wrong. All this is not surprising, as ear piercing is an invasive procedure, which should be performed under sterile clinical conditions, similar to minor surgery.

  • Ear Piercing procedure with one of our experts in a safe and clean clinical environment
  • No-touch technique, which guarantees that the piercing studs remain 100% sterile and safe
  • A completely painless experience using our advanced anaesthetic cream
  • 2 pairs of non-allergy Titanium or 18ct Gold ear studs (one pair to pierce with, plus one complementary pair to wear later)
  • Full written instructions on how to avoid post-procedure infections
  • Special anti-septic post-procedure solution to take home
  • Nickel allergy test prior to the procedure (optional)
  • Complimentary access to one of our Medical Doctors in case of problems

In our clinic we only use a specialist ‘hand-clasp’ piercing device. This new design does not use a high-speed spring to shoot the starter earring through the ear, but rather allows the practitioner to gently push the stud through. The hand-clasp model allows better accuracy, and lowers the risk of misplaced or uneven piercings. The hand-clasp method of piercing is also gentler to the tissue, resulting in less potential for traumatic inflammation and damage.

The device allows sterile starter earrings to be loaded into the instrument without any part of the actual earring being touched and thus being potentially contaminated. A wide variety of starter jewelry shapes and designs are available.

  • Naturally piercings can never be completely painless – or can they? You will be pleased to hear that actually they can, with the help of a special numbing cream. A pain-free experience is nice for adults, but particularly important for children, in order to avoid emotional trauma (should your little one have convinced you to go ahead…).

Prior to your procedure, we apply an anaesthetic cream. You can then sit and relax for around 30 minutes with this numbing cream applied, after which the piercing procedure can be performed pain-free.


Nickel allergy is very common, and has been estimated to affect up to 20% of women in the UK. Symptoms include itching, redness, rash, dry patches or swelling of the skin after nickel contact. Nickel is used in many everyday items from coins, zippers and metal buttons to eyeglass frames. A large percentage of jewelry, including ‘real’ silver and gold items also contain traces of nickel and can cause reactions.

If you are allergic to nickel and get your ears pierced with ear studs containing nickel, you can develop a chronic inflammation with itchiness and oozing. Often in these cases the piercing never heals properly. That’s why it’s very important to make sure you are not allergic to nickel before you have your ears pierced. This can be done with a simple allergy patch test prior to the procedure. A patch test needs to be applied around 4 days before the piercing to enable diagnosis of a nickel allergy. We offer this in our clinic as a complimentary service for our ear piercing patients.

However, even if you are allergic to nickel (or don’t have time to do the nickel allergy test and want to be extra-safe), you can still have your ear pierced with us, as we also offer non-allergenic, 100% nickel-free Titanium earrings!

After your procedure, we provide you with comprehensive, written post procedure information to take home and a complimentary supply of a special antiseptic post-procedure solution to disinfect your ears daily. You will also receive an additional pair of high quality starter ear studs (Titanium or 18cc gold) for later use.

Ear piercings are carried out by one of our expert Medical Aestheticians, under medical supervision of our Dermatologist team for your peace of mind. This is especially important in case you develop an infection or other problem after the procedure. You will then have direct access to a doctor to have the problem accessed and treated if need be.

For more information please read our comprehensive Ear Piercing Report or phone our reception to book your appointment on 020 7467 8500.

We offer ear piercings for adults and children aged 6 years and older.





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