Dermatology Grade Pedicures™

"Rest assured that all of our pedicures are Dermatology Grade Pedicures™, whether you have problem feet or simply want to beautify your feet!" Dr Stefanie, MD, Dermatologist®

pedicuresNothing feels better than proudly getting out your naked feet to relax. Think walking bare feet on the beach, wearing open sandals in summer or cuddling up in front of the fireplace in winter. However, many of us don't feel comfortable doing this, as our feet are less presentable than we would like.

This is a very common problem, especially so in urban areas like London, where people tend to wear tight or high healed shoes the entire day. Don't worry though; we have the perfect solution for you! Our unique Dermatology Grade Pedicures™ will help you to get truly beautiful feet, whether you have healthy feet or skin conditions affecting your feet.

Our pedicure clinic is led by Kristin Heider Persson, a German qualified specialist for Dermatology Grade Pedicures™. She provides treatments for men and women.

Our Dermatology Grade Pedicures™ are greatly beneficial for a variety of dermatological conditions such as psoriasis, thickened discolored toe nails as well as corns and calluses.

Also strongly advised for every patient with diabetes!

Recommended for everybody who wants to obtain or maintain beautiful feet! Perfect to beautify all 'urban feet' with thickened heels and/or minor calluses.

A course of four weekly Urban Feet Savior Pedicures (in weekly intervals) is ideal leading up to a special event such as a wedding or beach holiday. We will make sure your feet are in top condition for the day.

Please note that even our pedicures for individuals with healthy feet are performed to the same high standard as our medical pedicures for patients with dermatological skin or nail conditions.

A corn ('clavus') or callus is a local thickening of the skin on your feet. They are caused by pressure or rubbing and may be painful. Let us remove these annoying and stubborn lesions as part of our specialist Dermatology Grade Pedicures™.

Warts on the feet ('plantar warts') are called verrucas. They are caused by a virus, may multiply and should be treated as early as possible. Come for a Dermatology Grade Pedicures™ to have these pesky lesions on your feet treated.

Please note that treatment of verrucas will require multiple sessions.

Thickening and discolouration of toenails can have different causes, including fungal infections (most common) and psoriasis. Dermatology Grade Pedicures™ will greatly improve the appearance of your nails and boost your confidence, while the nails are being treated medically. When combining your prescription treatment with our Dermatology Grade Pedicures™, you can often even avoid the need for oral treatment and get away with topical prescription treatment, as the solution can penetrate much better after one of our Dermatology Grade Pedicures™.




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