Eudelo Dermatology & Skin Wellbeing is one of very few private clinics in the UK to offer a Psychodermatology service. This not only means a truly holistic way of approaching the treatment of chronic skin conditions, treating the physical symptoms as well as helping patients manage the emotional aspects of dermatological disease, but also addresses skin conditions caused by psychological issues.

The link between the mind and skin has long been recognised, and while there is a general understanding that stress can impact skin health, most dermatology clinics do not offer any support to improve the psychological impact of chronic skin conditions such as eczema, psoriasis and vitiligo. Psychodermatology with Dr Alia Ahmed at Eudelo will combine advanced dermatological treatments for skin conditions with psychological support. This is highly beneficial for those who not only often have to manage complicated treatment regimes, but also cope with the sometimes debilitating physical effects of these conditions and the pressure on their mental health of living with a chronic skin condition.

  • Skin disorders with impact on emotional wellbeing

Anxiety, depression and low self-esteem can often become a problem for those living with chronic and/or potentially disfiguring skin conditions such as vitiligo, acne, scarring, alopecia, ichthyosis and many others. While treating the skin, Psychodermatology also works on improving the patient’s emotional wellbeing and supports them through the often lifelong management of their skin condition.


  • Stress-related flare-ups of skin conditions

Skin conditions such as eczema, psoriasis, acne and rosacea can be exacerbated by psychological stress, which in turn may increase stress levels as the skin symptoms get worse. Psychodermatology can break the vicious cycle by improving both, stress levels as well as the physical skin condition.


  • Psychiatric disorders with dermatological symptoms

Some psychiatric disorders show up on the skin such as obsessive compulsive spectrum disorders, skin picking, trichotillomania and neurotic excoriations. Although rare, Dr Alia Ahmed is also highly experienced to work with these patients and help treat these problems.


  • Body dysmorphic disorder

Body dysmorphic disorder (BDD) or body dysmorphia is a mental health condition where a person spends a lot of time worrying about perceived flaws in their appearance, which are often minor or unnoticeable to others. Due to the nature of this condition, patients with BDD may seek aesthetic treatments and it’s important to spot this condition and offer the patient the psychological support they really need.


  • Emotional TLC’

We often find that emotional wellbeing is put second in our modern society, as we aim to ‘function and perform’ in our jobs and for our families. We seem to be very good at supporting everyone around us, but may overlook our own needs, which can lead to problems later along the way. That’s why here at Eudelo we value the importance of looking after yourself on a holistic level, which also includes ‘emotional maintenance’. Just having a chat with an expert about your emotional wellbeing can make all the difference and there aren’t many people who wouldn’t benefit from this – before problems arise.

Dr Alia Ahmed works with patients of all ages and genders, as well varying degrees of severity when it comes to their conditions. Whether a skin condition is affecting someone’s life in a negative way or somebody simply wants to have a chat about how they are feeling, Dr Alia can help.