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Daily Telegraph
Daily Telegraph
“Leading dermatologist Dr Stefanie Williams…”The Telegraph
“The women stars trust to make them look younger – without anyone being able to tell. Meet Britain’s super-glam top cosmetic doctors…. a new generation of cosmetic doctors is emerging. Dubbed the Super Derms, these women are the go-to experts for anyone who wants a younger appearance without looking ‘done’ … They are also living advertisements for the work they do. When I meet Dr Stefanie Williams at her clinic … she looks pale and daisy fresh. The waiting room at Dr Williams’ Eudelo clinic feels like the foyer of a hip New York hotel…” Daily Mail
“Best for fillers… Williams’ own flawless skin is a good endorsement of her work.”Tatler
“Skin Boosters for the hands … the youth-boosting effect is remarkable.”Red Magazine
“A new report paints a frightening picture of cosmetic surgery… Here are the London practitioners I’d recommend: Dr Stefanie Williams. Dermatologist by training, also excels at facial rejuvenating techniques.”Evening Standard

– Sky News

“If you are looking for an experienced cosmetic doctor with special expertise in hand rejuvenation, contact Dr Stefanie Williams in London.”At home with Nicky Hambleton-Jones
“Wave of scalpel-free cellulite blitzers… Where can I get it: Dr Stefanie Williams at Eudelo…. afterwards my skin felt firmer. I’ll definitely continue going.”Look Magazine
“More ‘gel needling’ last night with the lovely and inspiringly-clear-skinned Dr Stefanie Williams.”Alice Hart-Davis, Leading Beauty Journalist, London
“‘Expensive skin has become a trend’ – This outspoken dermatologist is changing the approach to ageing.”The Telegraph
“Meet the superderms: How London’s cosmetic surgeons are reinventing the profession. Their clinics are discreet, chic and populated by London’s rich and famous — but they won’t give you a trout pout even if you beg for one … To Dr Williams — whose skin is like marshmallow and looks a good decade younger than her 44 years — a ‘sensible degree’ is looking like ‘yourself, after a really good holiday’.”Evening Standard Magazine
“Top dermatologist Dr Stefanie Williams “Cosmopolitan
“Dermatologist Dr Stefanie Williams is a lip rejuvenation pioneer… Is it for you? Yes, if lips have deflated but you’re nervous of overfill and want a subtle finish. It helps to ease the lipstick bleed problem too.”Woman & Home
“One of Britain’s best cosmetic doctors.”Tatler
“Dermatologist Stefanie Williams tackles saggy, dull skin with a two-pronged procedure… Our verdict: visible improvements a week later – a youthful glow and firmer jawline.”Tatler

– The ‘Eudelo Staircase Principle’ featured on BBC television

“Lip smoothing is one of those ‘Why didn’t they think of it sooner’ treatments that work like a charm, and gives you a wonderfully soft and subtle effect. No trout pout, no over-fill, just young lip revival.”Women and Home
“The Gel Needling Lift is a rejuvenating treatment that improves skin texture, radiance and elasticity and diminishes crepey appearance and fine lines. The expert – Dr Stefanie Williams.”Marie Claire
“Being both a dermatologist and cosmetic scientist puts Dr Stefanie Williams in a unique position to combine in- depth knowledge of skin problems with expertise in aesthetic procedures and skincare.”Cosmetic Surgery and Aesthetics Magazine
“A very thorough German dermatologist.”Tatler
“I love Dr Stefanie for her thoughtful and practical approach to skincare, her rigorous knowledge of dermatology and for her light touch with anti-ageing treatments. Also, while running her clinic and raising three children, she has found the time to research and write two books on how to ‘future-proof’ your skin. How impressive is that?”Alice Hart-Davis, Journalist
“London’s top 25 Medi-Spas… run by the delightful, no-nonsense dermatologist Dr Stefanie Williams, the clinic offers both medical and cosmetic dermatology treatments. One speciality is ‘gel needling’… it gets truly terrific results. Williams’ management of rosacea is also incredibly effective. “The London Magazine




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