Your Skin Health 'MOT'

"Eudelo's skin health MOT provides our patients with peace of mind and reassurance that their moles are all healthy and that nothing suspicious has appeared since their last check-up."

Dr Stefanie Williams, Dermatologist and Medical Director

Moles Removal, Skin Cancer Checks and Sun Damage

Skin Health 'MOT'

For your peace of mind, we offer an annual routine skin health check-up, very like your car's MOT. This includes a full body mole and skin cancer check-up. We will even look under your feet and on top of your scalp! If there is anything remotely suspicious, our Dermatologist will examine the lesion with a dermatoscope, a specialist magnifying lamp with a polarizing light. With this device we can examine the hidden pigment structure of a mole, which gives important clues as to whether the lesion is benign or not.

You'll be relieved to hear that after essential clinical and dermoscopic examination, we can reassure the majority of patients. But if a mole remains suspicious, we might have to arrange taking it out surgically (painless under local anaesthesia) and send the tissue off for analysis under the microscope.

A word of advice - We are concerned about certain 'Mole Clinics' on the High Street. Mole checks in these are often performed by non-dermatologist doctors or even nurses, who might transfer the images of moles they are unsure about to a 'Specialist' abroad for assessment. This is by no means ideal!

Dermatologists are the most experienced person to perform a skin cancer screening and mole check. Please make sure to see a fully qualified Dermatologist to have your moles checked!

Our special 'Skin Health MOT' package includes a digital facial skin analysis. With an advanced digital scanning device, we are able to reveal the hidden sun damage your skin has been accumulating over the years and decades and advice better on sun protection.

Lastly, we will provide you with a printed mole check report, explaining how to monitor your moles yourself in between clinical checks. Our report also contains important tips on how to lower your risk of skin cancer in the future.

Please specifically ask for a 'Skin Health MOT' when booking your appointment, in order to take advantage of our special price for this package.

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