“Dr Stefanie is absolutely fantastic… She is definitely going to be a permanent fixture in my life for the rest of my life.”Vicky, London
“I felt that Dr Stefanie really understood what I wanted.”Patsy - Kent
“Dr Stefanie is a Dermatologist and that gave me a lot of confidence. I was feeling very safe in her hands… I will definitely come back to have this treatment again.”Rafael, London
“Results: One word – Amazing! This treatment made an incredible difference even after the first session. I couldn’t believe that these were the same hands! I am over the moon at the result and can’t stop admiring my hands. I would definitely recommend this treatment.”Tanya, London
“The shopping section is an excellent addition! I just wanted to let you know that I’ve re-ordered the products you recommended for my skincare routine and am really pleased with them. The products have been so good, that I don’t feel I need botox quite yet! I’ll be back in as soon as I do though!”Victoria, London
“…you have a very kind bed-side manner.”Simon, London
“I had been to see my GP and beauticians for years about underlying acne. After just three visits to Dr Williams and her medical cosmetician I have completely clear skin for the first time in ten years! I feel liberated and my skin looks the best it has ever looked.”Jane, Middlesex
“Amazing! Without a doubt this is the facial of all facials! 90 min of every possibly step to cleanse, nourish and protect your skin, as also preventing from further damage caused by sun light or pollution. Never my face has been so well looked after!”Silvia, London
“My experience with the clinic was really good. It is a very welcoming place… a very healthy environment to be in.”Jane, Middlesex
“I have suffered from what I knew only as “bad skin” since I was a teenager. I tried everything to cure this, but all to no avail. Dr. Williams diagnosed acne and prescribed me two types of ointment and advised me as to which cleansing products to use. Within literally two weeks my skin problem had completely disappeared. Her knowledge and treatment have literally changed my life.”Polly, West Sussex
“My skin is getting better and I am so happy with the result. Thank you!”Wei-Ting, Shanghai
“I wanted to thank you for the consultation and treatment you prescribed him, because the rash is gone. You are one brilliant Doctor! Thank You.”Ernesta, London (mum of 5-year old patient)
“I was feeling quite desperate about the state of my skin. I was immediately reassured by Stefanie Williams’ calm, warm manner and her assurances that she would be able to help me. The treatment she prescribed yielded good results. She took my concerns seriously even though I am not an ‘extreme’ case.”Laura, London
“I bought these products from Eudelo Boutique and love them!”Silvia, London
“When you treated my skin before my wedding it made a great difference to my skin and quality of life.”Klara, Walton-on-Thames
“I highly recommend Dr Stefanie Williams. My appointments were always on time. She was very professional, pleasant and extremely helpful. After years of seeing different doctors and trying various treatments my skin condition has finally started to improve.”Melanie, London
“I went to see Dr Stefanie Williams for Botox. The results were fantastic and
Dr. Williams was professional and explained everything clearly to me. I wouldn’t consider going anywhere else in the future.”Amanda, London
“The final effects were remarkable – and indeed still are. Definitely a treatment worth having.”Anne, London