Treatments for Allergies

"Most cases of skin reactions aren't actually allergies, but irritant reaction. We treat all types of skin reactions, whether allergy or irritation, and can usually begin treatment of the day of the consultation."

Dr Stefanie Williams, Dermatologist and Medical Director


Proven Treatments for Your Allergies

We treat all types of skin-related allergies including contact dermatitis and urticaria ('hives'). We usually begin your treatment on the day of the consultation, and can also arrange allergy testing via a blood or patch test, depending on the type of allergic response you have. We can diagnose wasp and bee venom allergies with a simple blood test and prescribe emergency medication to carry around if needed.

5 reasons to discover Eudelo today

  1. Specialised and experienced medical dermatology team
    Our consultant dermatologists diagnose and treat all skin, hair and nail conditions.
  2. Get a 360° holistic view of your skin’s wellbeing
    We look at the underlying causes of your skin condition.
  3. Multi award-winning dermatology clinic
    Proven track record of success for diagnosing and treating skin conditions.
  4. Get treatment within the week.
    No wait - most appointments can be booked, and treatment started within the week.
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