Dermatology Grade Facials™ / Non-Invasive Treatments

"All of our non-invasive treatments are carried out by Medical Aestheticians, who are continuously trained alongside our Dermatologists – unheard of in the industry!" Dr Stefanie, MD, Dermatologist®

facialsWe recommend that people with troubled skin should avoid seeing High Street or Spa beauty therapists for facials, as they are not trained sufficiently to deal with real problem skin. Our Medical Aestheticians have completed rigorous training and work closely alongside our Dermatologists. They are all highly experienced in performing special non-surgical treatments for troubled skin.

Our signature therapies are ‘breakout’ treatments with deep pore cleansing and painless comedone extractions. These treatments are invaluable additions to any treatment for acne and rosacea, whether prescribed by a doctor or with over-the-counter products. Where suitable, the treatment also includes advanced microdermabrasion ('HydraDermabrasion') with the innovative HydraFacial machine as well as a gentle peel.

facials2Our Medical Aestheticians also offer removal of milia ('milk spots'), treatment of facial pigmentation, perioral dermatitis (an acne-like rash around the mouth area), stretch marks and keratosis pilaris (rough, goose bump-like skin on the upper arms).

Quite apart from their expertise performing treatments in problem skin, our Medical Aestheticians also offer regenerative procedures such as growth factor needling and deluxe non-invasive anti-ageing treatments, developed by our lead Dermatologist. And for those of you, who are already blessed with fine skin, come and join our renowned Fit Skin Forever Facilitator plan, a program of regular, non-invasive regenerative treatments to help your skin remain beautifully healthy and young looking long-term.

You will be surprised how relaxing your time-out with one of our Medical Aestheticians feels. Feedback is inevitably nothing short of glowing. "Magic"; "never had anything like this before"; and "will never go back to the High Street", are all examples of the many positive comments we received.

All the Medical Aesthetician treatments below are carried out in close collaboration with our Dermatologists.

These specialist clinical treatments helps clear breakouts, while keeping your skin young and beautiful looking. Your therapist will decide together with you on the day, which treatment is most suitable for your skin. Great for adults and teenagers!

Acne. Help diminish your acne and prevent scaring, so you can face the future with clear, beautiful skin. This deep pore cleansing, clarifying and anti-inflammatory treatment is the perfect treatment to combat spots and breakouts.

It reduces five important contributing factors for acne:

  • Excess sebum/oil production
  • Over production and accumulation of keratin (dead skin material)
  • Clogged pores with trapped oil underneath
  • Inflammation
  • Bacterial growth

The acne treatment begins with a deep pore cleansing and gentle exfoliation of the skin to remove dead cell debris, followed by thorough comedone ('blackheads & whiteheads') extractions. A clarifying and soothing mask is then applied. In order to reduce acne bacteria, decrease skin oiliness and tighten pores, your skin is 'bathed' in blue LED light, followed by application of a light moisturizer. In non-inflammatory acne, a lymphatic drainage massage completes the session.

To intensify treatment of congested skin and enlarged pores in oily, spot-prone skin, we can also add a 'HydraFacial' treatment in your Acne Facial, leaving a beautifully clear and fine complexion. This includes an advanced microdermabrasion ('HydraDermabrasion') and light peel. However, we can only 'upgrade' you to our advanced Acne Facial, once your inflammatory acne lesions (papules and pustules) have started to settle.

Once your breakouts are cleared, we can go on and treat potential scaring, for example with a highly effective course of Growth Factor Needling (see 'Aesthetic Dermatology' - 'Improving Skin Surface & Texture'). However, acne scaring should only be tackled, when all active acne has settled (i.e. you don't get spots and pimples any longer).

Rosacea ('Couperose'). Say no to spots and red bumps beyond teenage-hood! This clarifying and calming treatment helps to alleviate rosacea and its associated symptoms including papules, pustules and facial redness.

At the beginning of this treatment, your skin is thoroughly cleansed and any impurities gently extracted. This is followed by application of a bespoke mask depending on your skin's condition that day. While you are relaxing with the mask, we 'connect' you to an innovative device, which is proven to improve your skin's microcirculation. The mask is followed by a specialist rosacea lymphatic drainage massage to help reduce lymph fluid congestion, puffiness and flush away toxins as in patients suffering with rosacea, the skin's microcirculation and lymphatic drainage can be impaired. Finally red and blue LED light is used to calm inflammation and reduce unwanted bacteria. Both men and women will benefit (as with all of our non-invasive treatments!).

facials3This non-invasive treatment will soften irregular pigmentation, brighten your complexion and give your skin the ultimate glow. Our anti-pigmentation treatment helps reverse the ravages of chronic sun exposure such as mottled pigmentation and other forms of uneven skin tone such as melasma ('mask of pregnancy').

After a thorough cleansing the treatment starts with a bespoke anti-pigment peel, which combines effective skin brightening, anti-inflammatory and gentle peeling agents. High potency tyrosinase inhibitors (tryrosinase is a crucial enzyme for pigment production) reduce excess melanin production in the skin, while peeling hydroxy acids gently resurface the skin to accelerate the shedding of existing pigment. A subsequent soothing high-grade Vitamin C mask continues to help fight free radicals and oxidative stress in the skin. Free radical generation is greatly involved in the production of excess pigment. We complete the ritual with application of a high-grade antioxidant serum and a silky sun protection moisturizer and lymphatic drainage massage.

This treatment is recommended to be performed six times in 7 to 10-day intervals and will be combined with an effective home care regime (home care products to be purchased separately). This combination approach will leave your skin fresher and with a visibly more even skin tone, while at the same time reducing pore size and the appearance of fine lines.

It is extremely important to combine any treatment for pigmentation with a broad-spectrum sun protection product of SPF 30-50, which we will recommend on an individual basis. Remember - a single day of excess sun can undo months of treatment!

A skin maintenance plan every man and woman should join. This supports long-term skin health and helps to keep your skin looking beautiful whatever your age. To keep your body fit and healthy, join the gym - to maintain your skin's health and vitality, join our 'Fit Skin Forever' program. This treatment program is designed to maintain your skin in optimal condition long-term, keep ageing at bay and allow you to look beautiful and radiant at any age. Healthy skin is happy skin! This is a completely non-invasive maintenance plan everybody should join to keep up their skin's regeneration efforts. The treatment combines a special deep cleansing, exfoliation, advanced microdermabrasion, painless extraction of impurities, hydration and intense antioxidant protection using the 'HydraFacial' machine. Amongst other things, the 'Fit Skin Forever' Facial also includes a special lymphatic drainage massage to help drain away toxins and 'de-puff' your skin. The regenerative Facial will leave your skin looking radiant and visibly firmer for a beautifully healthy and fresh appearance. For best effects, this Facial should be done every 4-6 weeks.

facials4Milia are harmless, very common lesions affecting all ages. They appear as small, deep seeded, white, hard bumps on the face, often on the upper cheeks and around the eyes.

Milia are tiny, superficial cysts filled with keratin material (skin protein), not pus as it might appear. They can appear individually or in large numbers and although they are benign and have no other symptoms, patients often request their removal for cosmetic reasons. Milia will come out much more easily, if your skin has been pre-treated and softened prior to the extractions. For that reason, please book a Fit Skin Forever Facilitator treatment, within which one of our Medical Aestheticians can easily and painlessly remove most facial milia. Depending on the number of milia you have, you might need more than one session. For very stubborn milia, you might need a procedure called ACP.




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