Do’s and Don’ts for skincare

Do’s and Don’ts for skincare

  • DON’T change skincare too often

Most people give up on skincare too early and switch to a different product before it can actually do any good. For skincare to work optimally, get your dermatologist to put together a good regime for you and then stick to it. Avoid constantly switching to the latest fad.

  • DO Get your skincare to do team work

Certain ingredients (eg antioxidants and sunscreen or vitamin A derivatives and peptides) work better as a team, so make sure to combine these for optimal benefits.

  • DON’T over-exfoliate

Although it’s crucial to remove dead skin cells to speed up cell renewal and to stop skin looking dull, using a heavy scrub too often can damage the skin’s protective barrier. This can leave the skin more sensitive and may contribute to premature ageing.

Swap your mechanical scrub for a chemical exfoliant such as glycolic acid, as this will have additional benefits such as collagen induction, whilst buffing away dead skin. Start by using it once week and build up slowly, to minimise risk of irritation. 

  • DON’T use oils

Oils are an unnecessary and in fact harmful addition to a skincare regime, if you are suffering with any breakouts (eg acne or rosacea). Instead find a light serum containing humectants such as hyaluronic or lactobionic acid that will work to infuse skin with moisture and encourage skin to hydrate itself, without clogging up your pores. 

  • DO take your make-up off at night

Over night, skin goes through an amplified repair and regeneration process. Not washing your face in the evening leaves dirt, make-up and pollution left-overs on the skin, which means your skin continues to be exposed to harmful oxidative stress, at a time at which your skin should be repairing itself, not being pre-occupied with ‘fire-fighting’.

Not taking off make-up will also contribute to clogged pores and you’ll wake up with tired and dull looking skin!

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