Skincare Consultation

"A good daily skincare regime is one of the best investments in your skin's future." Dr Stefanie, MD, Dermatologist."

Dr Stefanie Williams, Dermatologist and Medical Director

Skincare consultation

Skincare Consultation

A good daily skincare regime can work wonders for long-term skin quality and texture, while improving irregular pigmentation, fine lines and pore size. Cosmeceutical skincare has come a long way in the past few years!

The importance of Skin Care

A good daily skincare regime really can work wonders for your overall skin quality and texture, while improving elasticity, irregular pigmentationfine lines and wrinkles. Cosmetic Scientists distinguish two groups of over-the-counter skincare products - 'cosmetics' and 'cosmeceuticals'.

Cosmetics are officially defined as "articles… applied to the human body… for cleansing, beautifying, promoting attractiveness, or altering the appearance." Examples are simple moisturisers. Strictly speaking, cosmetics are not supposed to contain any ingredient that changes the skin's structure and function. This means that if you want real anti-ageing benefits, such as increased collagen synthesis in the dermis, traditional cosmetics can't offer them.

On the other hand, 'cosmeceuticals' - or 'functional cosmetics' - are non-prescription products which contain biologically active ingredients and have benefits beyond traditional moisturisers, such as the ability to influence changes in collagen metabolism and, to some extent reduce wrinkles.

The term 'cosmeceutical' is a fusion of 'cosmetic' and 'pharmaceutical' and demonstrates the blurring of boundaries between these two areas of today's Cosmetic Science. We should stress though, that although the distinction between 'cosmetics' and 'cosmeceuticals' is recognized by other countries' legislation, the difference does not officially exist as yet according to EU legislation.

Often during a skincare consultation, patients tell us they are unsure about their skincare regime. That's understandable. You yourself may be wondering if your current skincare really works, or if it's all an elaborate marketing gimmick. We all know that although persuasive, marketing bumf can be misleading. Other common questions we're asked include "what's best for my lines and wrinkles?" and "which is the best age-prevention strategy for younger skin?" Then there are more specialized questions, such as "is my moisturiser's SPF15 a sufficient sun protection?" Or "is an over-the-counter vitamin A cream good enough, or do I need a prescription tretinoin (vitamin A acid) cream?"

Many of our patients suffer with skin problems such as breakouts or hypersensitivity and wonder which skincare regime would have a good anti-ageing effect without upsetting their skin. Or perhaps they need a treatment prescribed for a skin condition and wonder what skincare is best to use with it. Our Aesthetic Dermatologist is more than happy to answer all your skincare questions in clinic.

Our unique approach

On your first cosmetic appointment, our Aesthetic Doctor will have a chat with you first. She will take a thorough medical history and examine your skin with a special magnifying lamp. The next step is a full digital skin analysis. Using a high-tech facial scanning device, we measure and analyze six important parameters on your skin. These are skin texturewrinkling, redness in the skin (for example caused by tiny broken blood vessels), invisible sun damage within the skin, pigmentation and pore size. You might have seen Dr Stefanie being featured on TV performing this digital skin analysis on patients. With this analysis we can determine exactly where your skin's weaknesses and strengths lie and how to best support your skin to keep looking its very best whatever your age.

Your individual values will also be compared to a worldwide database (anonymously of course), which ranks you within your peer group (i.e. people with the same age, same gender and same skin type). That means you will find out exactly what percentage of your age group is better and what percentage is worse off than yourself in each of the measured parameters. We will explain the outcome in detail and print a summary report for you to take home.

Based on our findings, we will go on to develop a bespoke skin care plan for you. This will include personalized recommendations for your daily routine at home as well as types of Dermatology Grade Facials™ of benefit for your skin (you will also receive a printed copy of this report).

If desired, we can also discuss what further 'helping hand' your skin might benefit from. And because we know how important lifestyle is for maintaining healthy and beautiful skin, you will also receive a copy (signed by the author, if wished) of Dr Stefanie's revolutionary book 'Future Proof Your Skin – Slow down your biological clock by changing the way you eat'.

Why not make an appointment with our Aesthetic Doctor to have a relaxed chat about your skin and learn about what's best - and what to avoid - to maintain a healthy, younger-looking complexion.

As a medical doctor, a Dermatologist and a Cosmetic Scientist, Dr Stefanie is in a unique position not only to diagnose and treat skin diseases, but also to advise you personally on all your skincare and cosmetic concerns. We really are a genuine one-stop clinic for skin. We can advise you which over-the-counter skincare is scientifically proven to work for your skin type and if over-the-counter skincare isn't enough, we can provide a prescription cream or other medical treatment. It's important to us that you're happy in your own skin.

5 reasons to choose Eudelo for your cosmetic Treatment

  1. Specialist medical & aesthetic dermatology team
    Our practitioners are highly trained and experienced in treating skin and hair concerns, with medical and aesthetic skin experts all under one roof.
  2. Multi award-winning, CQC registered clinic
    Proven track record of success, helping our patients feel happy in their skin with complete piece of mind.
  3. 360° holistic care to support your skin’s wellbeing
    We look at your skin in a holistic manner, combining different in-clinic treatments with evidence-based skincare and supplements for best long-term outcomes.
  4. Natural results guarantee
    Your aesthetic result will be 100% natural looking – nobody will ever know you accepted a helping hand.
  5. Get started quickly
    No wait - our practitioners can be booked often within the same week, and our online call booking service means you can take action today to start your journey.
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