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hands-neckIt’s not only your face that gives your age away. The quality of skin on your hands, neck and chest also influences how young and attractive we appear. The good news is, that there are great non-surgical treatments now, which improve the appearance of these important telltale zones. But first, let’s talk prevention!

It’s a sad fact that when most people apply their daily skincare products, they tend to focus on the face and miss out the rest. You may not think twice about this now, but neglecting your hands, neck and chest may well come back to haunt you when they no longer live up to your well-maintained face. Check out the celebrity magazines or even people on the tube and you’ll notice this mismatch quite a lot. So from now on, make this the rule. Whenever you apply your facial skincare,always take it down to your chest – think ‘hairline to nipple line’. And don’t forget the backs of your hands!

Bio-revitalisation with hyaluronic acid (‘HA Skin Boosters’) is a great treatment for improving skin quality, texture and hydration of the hands, chest and neck and putting a lovely bit of plumpness back into the skin.

In our clinic, we use a high-dose, stabilised hyaluronic acid with a proven efficiency and safety record. Scientific studies have proved that this type of stabilised hyaluronic acid not only enhances the visible appearance of the skin, but can also improve its elasticity. The treatment also has the ability to induce your skin’s own collagen production and has antioxidant effects.

Revitalisation with HA Skin Boosters is done as a course of two to six sessions at three to four week intervals. We perform the injection treatment after application of an effective numbing cream for pain prevention.

For even better results, HA Skin Boosters can be combined with growth factors and medical needling (‘GF Gel Needling’), see below.

Mesotherapy is a wonderful treatment to ‘feed’ your skin and help improve overall skin quality on hands, chest and neck. After application of an effective numbing cream, a sterile cell-boosting cocktail is ‘infused’ into the skin with a series of painless tiny, superficial injections.

The high-grade skin-nourishing blend contains more than 50 key skin optimization ingredients, ranging from vitamins and minerals to amino acids, hyaluronic acid, coenzymes, nucleic acid bases and antioxidants, proven to protect and stimulate skin cells.

Mesotherapy is very popular in Continental Europe such as in France, Italy and Germany, but hasn’t yet caught up in the UK. The treatment is suitable for the face, neck, chest and hands (men AND women). Depending on the individual case and treatment area our Doctor will carry out the treatments either manually or with a special ‘mesotherapy gun’ we brought in specially from Germany (only the best for our patients!).

The great thing about Mesotherapy is that it can be used not only to nourish and correct mature skin, but also as a preventative measure in younger patients. The ultimate skin ‘refresh’ and one of Dr Valeria’s favorite anti-ageing ‘weapons’!

Mesotherapy is done as course of four to six sessions (2-4 week intervals), before going on to a less intense maintenance treatment.

Medical needling is a very natural anti-ageing treatment that ‘helps the skin to help itself’. Instead of injecting any substances into the skin, this treatment only involves a needle roller (‘DermalRoller’) or an advanced automatic needling pen (‘DermaPen’), equipped with sterile, ultra-fine needles.

Medical needling mechanically mimics the effects of fractionated laser technologies by creating microscopically small punctures in the dermis, where our collagen lives. This intentional injury induces thousands of tiny, controlled wound-healing responses in this deeper layer of the skin. Consequently, growth factors are released and fibroblasts are stimulated into synthesizing new skin matrix, including collagen. In time, this will lead to a firmer, more elastic skin with more refined skin surface. You see, as we get older, our skin gets ‘lazy’ and collagen production slows down. With medical needling, we give the skin a gentle nudge to remind it to keep making fresh collagen.

The great thing about medical needling is that we can induce effects in the deeper layer of the skin (the dermis) without having to fully strip the protective outer layer (the epidermis). Why is it so important to stimulate the dermis? Dr Stefanie calls the dermis the ‘backbone’ of the skin – the layer of collagen-containing connective tissue where the most prominent skin ageing processes takes place. With needling we can reach the dermis without significantly damaging the epidermis. The superficial punctures introduced close again quickly, which is important since the epidermis protects our body from water loss and environmental damage.

Medical needling is not a single treatment, but has to be done in a course of three to six sessions at six to eight weekly intervals. The procedure is performed after application of an effective numbing cream as pain relief. For even better results, medical needling can be combined with hyaluronic acid Skin Boosters (‘Gel needling’) and/or with infusion of growth factors (‘GF needling’), see below.

In order to further enhance the benefits of medical needling, we recommend combining the procedure with infusion of an advanced Growth Factor solution (´GF or PRP Needling´) or Mesotherapy solution (´Meso Needling´).

For our Meso Needling treatment, we use a high-grade skin-nourishing blend contains more than 50 key skin optimization ingredients, ranging from vitamins and minerals to amino acids, hyaluronic acid, coenzymes, nucleic acid bases and antioxidants, proven to protect and stimulate skin cells.

For the even more advanced GF / PRP Needling we use a highly effective, sterile solution containing a potent mix of various growth factors, to further encourage collagen and elastin production. The growth factors can be derived from your own blood (PRP, platelet rich plasma) or we use a commercially available growth factor solution, should you prefer this. In any case, the addition will super-boost your needling effects with even better results.

GF / PRP Needling is one of Dr Stefanie’s favorite bio-stimulatory procedures – she swears by it for her own skin also!

Here in our clinic, we pioneered the technique of combining bio-revitalisation using stabilised hyaluronic acid skin boosters with medical needling and infusion of growth factors (‘GF/PRP Gel needling’). What we have found is that due to their synergistic effects, these treatments work more powerfully in combination than when performed alone.

Our ‘GF / PRP Gel Needling Lift’ combines injections of HA Skin Boosters (see above) with GF / PRP needling performed immediately afterwards, where we infuse the skin with an advanced growth factor solution. The growth factors can be derived from your own blood (PRP, platelet rich plasma, see below for more information) or we use a commercially available growth factor solution, should you prefer this. In any case, the addition will super-boost your needling effects with even better results.

A ‘GF / PRP Gel Needling Lift’ works wonders to improve overall skin quality and help combat loss of facial skin elasticity. It puts some lovely plumpness back into your skin and also helps to refine the skin surface, gently add definition to the jaw line, shrink enlarged pores and improve depressed acne scaring.

If performed regularly it will help to slow down the skin’s ageing process over time. It’s the ‘Mercedes’ of our regenerative aesthetic procedures!

Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) therapy of the skin, also known as the ‘Vampire’ or ‘Dracula’ treatment is a revolutionary regenerative aesthetic treatment that encourages the skin to build more collagen and elastin and thus renew and rejuvenate itself – true bio-stimulation!

The treatment involves taking a blood sample from the patient, from which we then isolate a certain fraction of the blood, which is particularly rich in platelets. After application of a numbing cream for pain relief, this fraction of the patient’s own blood is injected back into the skin using a special technique.

Platelets contain a high content of beneficial growth factors. Upon re-injection the platelets release these growth factors, which trigger surrounding skin cells to proliferate and stimulate collagen production, thus helping to repair and regenerate damaged tissue. PRP is considered a very natural treatment, as it uses the patient’s own cells and growth factors to stimulate tissue repair, rather than injecting synthetic substances.

Following a course of PRP treatment, your skin will gradually start to look more radiant and youthful. The initial course consists of three treatment sessions in monthly intervals.

In our clinic, we have pioneered the ‘Vampire’/’Dracula’ PLUS lift, a combination of platelet rich plasma (PRP) with infusion of a high-grade cell nourishing cocktail.

In this advanced PRP treatment, we mix the patient’s own platelet rich plasma with a sterile solution containing more than 50 key skin optimization ingredients, before re-injecting it back into the skin. Apart from hyaluronic acid, the revitalizing solution used contains 12 vitamins, 23 amino acids, 6 coenzymes, 5 nucleic acid bases, 6 minerals and 1 special antioxidant, proven to protect and stimulate skin cells.

In our clinic we perform TCA (Trichloroacetic acid) peels and different glycolic acid and salicylic acid (Hydroxy acid) peels for the hands, chest and neck area.

A TCA peel is a highly effective doctor’s peel, which is always performed by one of our experienced aesthetic doctors. A TCA peel reduces the signs of sun damage with wrinkling and irregular pigmentation, and improves skin surface and texture. There are different TCA strengths on the market. High strength TCA peels are performed as a one off treatment. They are very effective, but have considerable downtime and potential risks and side effects.

In our clinic we use a gentler type of TCA peel, which needs to be repeated four times, each at weekly intervals. After completing this course, you will achieve a similar end result to the higher strength TCAs, while having a lower risk of side effects. TCA peels work particularly well for slightly more mature skin with visible sun damage.

Our hydroxy acid peels are milder compared to our TCA peel, so may be more appropriate for younger patients or for patients who prefer not to have visible flaking after the treatment. All our hydroxy acid peels are bespoke and tailored to the individual patient and the needs of their skin. They are usually performed six times, in 7 – 14 day intervals.

Localised ‘age spots’ or ‘liver spots’ (lentigines) on the hands of fair skinned invididuals can be frozen in clinic. This is a very straightforward procedure, but post-treatment the spot will be red for about four to six weeks.

More widespread irregular pigmentation on the décolletage can be treated successfully with a TCA peel (see above). We can also prescribe special skin lightening creams and tretinoin containing extra strength repair creams to enhance the results.

It is extremely important to combine any treatment for pigmentation with a broad-spectrum sun protection product of SPF 30-50 (plus sun avoidance!). Remember – a single day of excess sun can undo months of treatment.




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