The Exciting New World of Regenerative Cosmetic Dermatology

The Exciting New World of Regenerative Cosmetic Dermatology

Regenerative cosmetic dermatology is a new and exciting field within dermatology, which uses innovative treatments to help the skin to help itself and restore and regenerate old or damaged tissue. A wonderful aspect to the treatments is that they don’t just aim to make the skin look younger and more beautiful, but also aim to slow down ageing processes at a cellular level and tackle the root causes of skin ageing.

Regenerative cosmetic dermatology is all about tissue regeneration and thus improving overall skin quality. Over a period of months, this will enable the skin to develop a more refined surface with improved skin elasticity. Fine lines, crêpey skin and enlarged pores will soften and the skin will gain back its glow and lustre. With regenerative treatments we are encouraging the skin to build more collagen and elastin itself, rather than ‘pumping up’ wrinkles and ‘freezing’ the face. This is also in contrast to plastic surgery, which usually only tightens the skin, but does not improve skin quality per se.

One of the main reasons for the immense popularity of regenerative procedures with our patients is that the treatments are very natural and subtle. Patients appreciate that they will never look ‘done’, but nevertheless that the treatments will improve skin quality and slow down the skin ageing process. Regenerative dermatology is a bespoke approach designed to meet individual needs, which are assessed by taking a thorough medical and cosmetic history, clinical examination and digital skin imaging.

Regenerative cosmetic dermatology often combines different treatment modalities including non-surgical procedures, skincare and lifestyle changes. The following lists some of our regenerative cosmetic dermatology approaches:

– PRP (Platelet rich plasma, also know as ‘Dracula/Vampire’ treatment).
During this treatment we re-inject part of the patient’s own blood serum (which is high in platelets) into the patient’s skin. These platelets release growth factors, which stimulate skin cells to produce more collagen and elastin. We use a PRP system in our clinic that self-activates the injected platelets, avoiding addition of any ‘foreign’ substances (only the patient’s own platelets with an anticoagulant are injected, minimizing the risk of allergies). We also don’t use bovine thrombin, as other PRP systems do, because this could cause allergies.
We use a special layered injection method in our clinic, which places the PRP not only into the superficial skin to encourage collagen and elastin production, but also, as appropriate, in a deep layer (directly onto the bone) to slow down bone loss that inevitably happens in our face as we age.

– Medical needling of 1.5 to 2.5mm needle depth, using the automated DermaPen device to improve results and recovery time – not to be confused with home needling devices.

– GF needling is an infusion of a sterile human skin growth factor serum with medical needling.

– Skin boosters / skin revitalization using hyaluronic acid (e.g. Restylane Vital/light or Belotero Soft), to gently plump the skin, hydrate from within and support the skin’s own collagen production.

– Mesotherapy, which comprises injection of a sterile solution containing a variety of vitamins, minerals and antioxidants.

– GEL needling is a combination of hyaluronic acid skin booster injections with medical needling in the same session.

– ‘Mini’ botulinum toxin comprising very small doses injected to gently soften and re-balance facial over-movements (but not ‘freeze’), in order to allow the skin to optimize its own collagen production.

– Carboxytherapy – this uses injected medical CO2 gas to make your skin ‘think’ there is an oxygen deficit and have it respond by increasing blood flow to the skin and regenerate the tiny blood vessels in the skin. This will with time allow more oxygen and nutrients to reach the skin, which supports cell restoration and regeneration.

– Chemical Peels – Chemical peels of different penetration depth such as a gentle glycolic peel or a deeper TCA peel have been shown to increase collagen synthesis in our skin.

– ‘Future Proof Your Skin’ nutrition. The Future Food Plan™ not only slows down the clock, but also has astounding ‘side effects’ including finding your optimal weight (without even trying) and reducing the risk of many modern diseases, including diabetes and heart disease. Scientific evidence confirms a connection between inner health and outer youthfulness. With the Future Food Plan™ you will be improving both, see for details.

– ‘Future Proof Your Skin’ guided meditation to moderate stress levels and lower cortisol release (see for details).

– Tailored skincare regime, comprising evidence based cosmeceutical skincare in combination with or without prescription tretinoin cream. In cases of severe sun damage a vitamin A acid tablet, isotretinoin, might be prescribed in ultra-low doses.

– Medical Facials with advanced microdermabrasion and infusion of serums to promote long-term skin health and improve skin quality.

All of these treatments are available in our clinic. To make an appointment and experience the benefits simply call our reception at 020 7118 9500.

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