Improving irregular pigmentation, brown spots & freckles

"Eudelo offers a range of treatments for pigmentation and dark spots. our Total MelaOut and Laser/IPL are both very popular with our patients seeing very good results."

Dr Stefanie Williams, Dermatologist and Medical Director

Improving irregular pigmentation, brown spots & freckles

Improving Pigmentation

At Eudelo, we see many patients with melasma (patchy facial pigmentation also known as chloasma), post-inflammatory pigmentation and mottled pigmentation due to sun damage. While these are stubborn problems that won’t disappear overnight, we offer effective in-clinic and home treatment options to help even out your skin tone.

The Eudelo Total MelaOut

For many, pigmentation and dark spots are an unsightly skin condition that can often be resistant to many topical products, peels and even light based treatments such as laser and IPL. Sadly, studies have revealed that people with irregular skin colouring are not only judged as being older and less attractive by others, but even as less healthy.

Eudelo’s Total MelaOut is a highly effective peel package to dramatically lighten irregular pigmentation caused by chronic sun damage, post-inflammatory pigmentation (PIH) or melasma / chloasma (also known as the ‘Mask of Pregnancy’), even in dark skin types.

With our Total MelaOut, sufferers of irregular pigmentation and melasma benefit from a dermatologist-supervised combination treatment, put together by leading dermatologist Dr Stefanie Williams. The package consists of a pre- and post-treatment digital facial scan, consultation with a dermatologist as needed, a highly effective one-off peel in clinic, cold sore and breakout protection as needed, specialist home care (included for the first four weeks), on-going expert advice and a nourishing post-peel treatment in clinic four weeks after the peel. You see - Eudelo’s MelaOut is not just a peel, but a peace of mind package!

And the great news is that Eudelo’s Total MelaOut will not only lighten irregular pigmentation, but will also greatly improve the appearance of dull skin and give your skin a wonderful, healthy glow, as well as improving skin texture, enlarged pores and acne scarring as added benefits. Studies have even shown that effective peels do not only improve the appearance of the skin, but can even lower the risk of skin cancer by removing sun damaged cells.

The treatment can be used on the face as well as other skin areas with discolouration such as the chest and the hands. And best of all – Eudelo’s MelaOut is safe for all skin types from light to very dark – truly life-changing for sufferers of stubborn pigmentation.

Laser / IPL

Laser / IPL

We are able to treat many pigmentation issues using Laser and IPL (Intense Pulsed Light) devices. A laser is essentially a high-energy beam of light with unique properties. Laser light consists of photons (small light particles) all of which have the same wavelength, or colour. IPL system differs from lasers in that they emit a broader spectrum of light and deliver multiple wavelengths (or colours) simultaneously to the tissue.

Different wavelengths from different types of laser and IPL devices are absorbed preferentially by certain target structures in the skin (also referred to as chromophores). So, when treating pigmentation, we use wavelengths that target melanin pigment in the skin.

Laser and IPL treatments for irregular pigmentation work particularly well for the mottled appearance of chronic sun damage on face, chest and other exposed skin areas. Laser and IPL treatments are best suited for Caucasian skin, as individuals with darker skin have a significantly higher risk of complications (including worsening of pigmentation!) after these light-based treatments.

Laser / IPL


Localised ‘age spots’ (liver spots, or lentigines) on face and hands can be gently frozen by our doctors in clinic, treated with topical skin lightening products at home or approached with a special chemical peel. Freezing (cryotherapy) in particular is very effective in fair skinned individuals, but may leave some redness lasting around four to six weeks after treatment.

Eczema & Dermatitis

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