Medical Dermatology

Medical Dermatology at Eudelo

We deal with the entire spectrum of potential skin problems affecting the whole family - men, women, children and babies.

Dr Stefanie Williams, Dermatologist and Medical Director

Facial Treatments - Medical Dermatologists in London, Eudelo Skin Wellbeing

Medical Dermatology

Our Dermatologists diagnose and treat a wide range of skin conditions, from facial skin problems such as breakouts, irregular pigmentation and rosacea, to issues on the body including skin cancer checks, psoriasis and eczema whether mild or severe. A Dermatologist is the most expert doctor to deal with all skin issues. We're here for you, whatever your concern.

Medical Dermatology

Our Dermatologists diagnose and treat a wide range of skin conditions, from facial skin problems such as breakouts, irregular pigmentation and rosacea, to issues on the body including skin cancer checks, psoriasis and eczema whether mild or severe. A Dermatologist is the most expert doctor to deal with all skin issues. We're here for you, whatever your concern.

We also have Medical Aestheticians working in our clinic, who perform specialist Dermatology Grade Facials™ to optimize the treatment of various skin conditions such as acne and rosacea.

Apart from treating skin diseases, prevention and maintenance of skin health is also an extremely important part of a Dermatologist's work. Whether you're coming for regular mole checks, would like a sexual health screening or simply want to have a chat about the ideal skincare regime for your skin type, we're delighted to help.

Don't forget - visits to a Dermatologist are as important for looking after your skin as a Dentist is to your teeth. Why not book an appointment now?

Treatment Costs

Medical consultation - £395
Please note that there is a 50% surcharge to see our Medical Director.
Procedures and external lab costs (e.g. for biopsies, skin scrapings and swabs) will incur an additional cost.

All our medical consultations are at least 30 mins long. This contrasts with many other clinics where appointments are 20 or even 15 minutes long and therefore appear cheaper but offer less time with the Dermatologist. We feel 30 minutes is necessary to be able to offer a sufficiently high quality service. We would always advise you to check appointment length before making an appointment at any clinic.

Facial Skin Problems

Facial Skin Problems

Facial skin problems are extremely common issues in our clinic. Even if they're painless or benign, they can be particularly stressful as they are easily visible and can seriously affect confidence and quality of life. That apart, many forms of sun damage and skin cancers also occur on the face and must be treated quickly and thoroughly. Let's talk about some of the most common skin problems on the face in a bit more detail.

Facial treatments for the most common facial skin problems
Rashes and Body Skin Conditions

Rashes & Body Skin Problems

Skin problems on the body are a common issue and our dermatologists are highly experienced in treating these. Even if the skin condition is benign, it can be very stressful and affect quality of life. Let's talk about some common skin problems on the body in a bit more detail.

Rashes on the body, medical dermatology
Eudelo Treatments for moles, skin cancer and sun damage

Moles, Sun Damage & Skin Cancer

Skin cancer is a very common type of cancer worldwide and can affect even young people. The good news is that the vast majority of cases are not life-threatening, if detected and treated early. However, if a skin cancer is left to grow untreated, it might not only become more difficult to remove, but could even spread into inner organs, and ultimately shorten your life. That’s why it’s so important to keep an eye on your skin and report any changes to a dermatologist.

Moles and mole removal by Eudelo
Lumps & Bumps

Lumps & Bumps

A wide variety of benign lumps and bumps can arise on your skin. Common examples are skin tags, warts & verrucas, milia, little vascular lesions such as 'cherry angiomas' ('blood spots') and pigmented lesions known as seborrhoeic warts. Some people might also have a tendency for 'overgrowing' (hypertrophic or keloid) scars, which can be very distressing.

Facial Dermatology and Dermatology for the skin
Newborn & Paediatric Skin Problems

Newborn & Paediatric Skin Problems

Dermatologists are the most experienced doctors when dealing with any skin issue. As such, all of our Dermatologists not only see adults, but babies and children of all ages, too. Babies and children can suffer from a large variety of skin problems including eczema, dermatitis and other rashes, skin infections, warts and patchy hair loss. In their teens, spots and acne breakouts almost inevitably take over.

Paediatric skin problems, rashes and itchy skin conditions
Disorders of the scalp & nails

Disorders of the Scalp & Nails

Diagnosis and treatment of scalp and nail disorders is part of a Dermatologist's work. Hair problems might include patchy or diffuse hair loss, excessive facial hair growth and various skin conditions affecting the scalp such as psoriasis, eczema and seborrhoeic dermatitis. Usually treatment for these can begin with the first appointment. Our Dermatologists also diagnose and treat nail changes which may be due to a variety of internal or external factors.

Scale and Nail disorders - medical dermatology

Treatment for Allergies

We treat all types of skin-related allergies including contact dermatitis and urticaria ('hives'). We usually begin your treatment on the day of the consultation, and can also arrange allergy testing via a blood or patch test, depending on the type of allergic response you have. We can diagnose wasp and bee venom allergies with a simple blood test and prescribe emergency medication to carry around if needed.

Treatment for allergy sufferers with contact dermatitis and urticaria
Sweating Treatments

Excessive Sweating​

Excessive sweating or hyperhidrosis can be a miserably debilitating condition.  Deciding what to wear - and what to leave off - becomes a real dilemma. Patients whose palms sweat excessively have told me that they are reluctant to shake someone's hand and may avoid physical contact entirely. Even if you don't suffer severe problems like these, it may still be worth coming along to chat about your options, since even patients with only mild excessive sweating have reported how much their quality of life has improved after treatment.

Treating Hyperhidrosis
Skin Health MOT

Skin Health ‘MOT’

For your peace of mind, we offer an annual routine skin health check-up, very much like your car's MOT. This includes a full body mole and skin cancer check-up. We will even look under your feet and on top of your scalp! If there is anything remotely suspicious, our Dermatologist will examine the lesion with a dermatoscope, a specialist magnifying lamp with a polarizing light. With this device we can examine the hidden pigment structure of a mole, which gives important clues as to whether the lesion is benign or not.

Skin Health Check & MOT
Dermatology Grade Facials™ / Non-Invasive Treatments

Dermatology Grade Facials™

We recommend that people with troubled skin should avoid seeing High Street or Spa beauty therapists for facials, as they are not trained sufficiently to deal with real problem skin. Our Medical Aestheticians have completed rigorous training and work closely alongside our Dermatologists. They are all highly experienced in performing special non-surgical treatments for troubled skin.

Dermatology grade facials

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