Eudelo Cell HIIT ™ - Cell Rejuvenation

Eudelo Cell Hiit

"Eudelo Cell HIIT™ initiates a multitude of health-promoting mechanisms to increase the vitality of your cells, including helping your mitochondria to regenerate."

Dr Stefanie Williams, Dermatologist and Medical Director

Eudelo Cell HIIT ™ - Cell Rejuvenation

Eudelo Cell Hiit

To support full body cell regeneration

Eudelo Cell HIIT  uses pioneering German technology IHHT (intermittent hypoxia-hyperoxia treatment) to help your cells regenerate and provide anti-ageing benefits on a truly sub-cellular level. Not only that - it also balances the autonomic nervous system to help it cope better with stress.

There are only very few things (such as caloric restriction and intermittent fasting) known to provide true cellular anti-ageing benefits, however none of them is as pleasant and effortless as the Eudelo Cell HIIT™.

During these relaxing sessions, the breathing air is cycled between lower and higher oxygen concentrations in a controlled manner, giving your cells an exceptional cell regeneration workout, without having to lift a finger.

Eudelo Cell HIIT ™

Advanced altitude training for your cells

Our high-tech IHHT system takes the physiological experience of altitude training (hypoxic training) and takes it one step further. This training is used with great success by athletes and the military to improve cell function and boost cellular fitness, whilst at the same time improving stress resistance, increasing protection against oxidative stress and strengthening the immune system (as well as supporting fat metabolism as an added benefit…).

A hot topic –
The three scientists researching altitude-induced cell adaptation were awarded the Nobel prize for Medicine 2019!

Eudelo Cell HIIT™ initiates a multitude of health-promoting mechanisms to increase the vitality of your cells, including helping your mitochondria to regenerate. Mitochondria are your cells’ power plants and are extremely important for optimal cellular function. However, mitochondria are highly susceptible to oxidative damage and cell ageing as their genetic material is not protected within the cell’s nucleus. So, as your age increases, your mitochondria become more and more damaged and can no longer produce enough energy for the cell. This rate of damage is made even worse by other factors such as stress, bad nutrition and environmental factors.

Eudelo Cell HIIT supports the generation of new, healthy mitochondria which results in the improved production of ATP (adenosine triphosphate), our cells’ fuel. ATP is needed as an energy source for all reactions and metabolic processes in our billions of cells, and therefore greatly improves vitality.

what does this mean for your skin?

An imbalance of free radical generation and antioxidant supply causes oxidative stress which is one of the main causes for ageing. With regards to the skin, the visible consequences of oxidative stress and cellular ageing include loss of skin elasticity, wrinkle formation, sagging as well as irregular pigmentation.

Stress further contributes to premature ageing and also inflammatory skin conditions.

The Eudelo Cell HIIT accelerates cell regeneration by improving how your mitochondria function and reducing oxidative stress amongst many other benefits. This means healthier skin, more energy and less stress!

Eudelo Cell HIIT ™
Eczema & Dermatitis
Eudelo Cell HIIT ™

The Eudelo Cell HIIT
– more than just IHHT!

The Eudelo Cell HIIT delivers a cellular power-recharge in less than an hour, combining IHHT with high-tech brainwave entrainment to further lower stress hormone levels, and a special cell protecting supplement kick-starter set, helping to fully rebalance your skin from the inside out.

Eudelo Cell HIIT is exclusively available at Eudelo, nowhere else in the world!

During each 45min. session, you essentially climb up and down a mountain at least 5 times! This repeated shift between low oxygen (hypoxia), high oxygen (hyperoxia) and normal oxygen levels (normoxia), trains the body on a cellular level. A bit like a HIIT (high intensity intervals training) session in the gym, but for your cells - hence the name!

In the first session, you may manage to go up to 3000 metres, which is the equivalent of Mont Blanc in France. After a few Eudelo Cell HIIT training sessions however, you might make it up Mount Kilimanjaro and who knows, maybe one day all the way to Mount Everest (all the while relaxing in a comfy recliner…).

By the way - your blood oxygen level is continuously monitored, as is your heart rate, so it's completely safe.

Eudelo Cell HIIT ™


  1. Eudelo Cell HIIT provides anti-ageing benefits from the inside out by:
    a) Improving cell function and boosting cellular fitness:
    b) Helping your cells’ mitochondria to regenerate.
    c) Reducing oxidative stress in the body.
    d) Supporting healthy telomere length.

    - Recommended for anybody wanting to slow down their ageing process in a completely natural way.

  2.  Eudelo Cell HIIT improves immune functions and resistance to infections

    - Great for anybody who tends to pick up every cold and flu virus around and wants to strengthen their immune system in a completely natural way.
  3.  Eudelo Cell HIIT improves stress resilience by:
    a) Balancing your autonomic nervous system between fight-and-flight (sympathetic) and rest-and-digest (parasympathetic) system, which is all-to-often completely out of synch in our fast-paced society.
    b) Improving your heart’s autonomic function: i.e. increasing your heart rate variability HRV (which is a marker of healthy ageing).
    c) Lowering stress hormone levels such as cortisol (also known as the ‘death hormone’).

    - Vital for anybody with stress in their life!

  4.  Eudelo Cell HIIT supports a healthy body weight by:
    a) Optimising fat metabolism in your body.
    b) Improving production of ATP (adenosine triphosphate), our cells’ fuel, which is needed as an energy source for all metabolic processes in your body.

    - Great as an addition to our body treatments and for anybody concerned about their weight

Why are we different?

The Eudelo Cell HIIT uses ground-breaking IHHT technology from Germany, but that’s not all! At Eudelo, we add high-tech brainwave entrainment and special cell protecting supplements into the mix– these all work in concert for added benefits.

Our IHHT technology is also different from many other systems on the UK market:

- Many other altitude training systems perform IHT, not IHHT, meaning they do not deliver hyperoxia in the recovery phase as we do. Hyperoxia (a short burst of high oxygen to help cells recover more quickly before ‘climbing up the mountain’ again) is in our opinion important for the best possible cell training.

- Most importantly however, most other systems don’t offer adaptive hyperoxia which works via biofeedback. Eudelo Cell HIIT provides the IHHT training with integrated biofeedback to fully individualise treatments.

This means the oxygen concentration in the delivered air is constantly and automatically adapted to the patient’s live blood oxygen level throughout the entire session. This is very important for best results, as it means that the training is fully tailored to the individual patient’s needs on a particular day.

- Furthermore, the air patients breathe in during the Eudelo Cell HIIT is moistened so that it is more comfortable to inhale. Many other devices do not moisten the air.

- Last but not least, we use two pulse oximeters at all times, instead of one, for added patient safety.

Added Bonus

As a very special added bonus, we now include facial cryostimulation after each IHHT session at Eudelo!

Cryostimulation uses the thermal trigger of a very cold temperature to bio-stimulate the skin. This stimulates fibroblasts into producing more collagen and elastin, and also improves the oxygen supply to our skin, while leaving cells undamaged.

During cryostim, the skin is cooled down to about 5 degrees Celsius. Please note that a skin temperature of 5 degrees Celsius is very different from an air temperature of 5 degrees Celsius (people always ask, “would I not get the same effect in winter?”). In fact, to reach the target skin temperature of 5 degrees Celsius, we use a cold stream of –78 degrees Celsius CO2! Once you have experienced cryostimulation, you know it’s very, very different from simple winter air… The pressurize of the CO2 gas at 50 bar adds a further dimension to the procedure, as it boosts lymphatic drainage and makes the experience even more intense.

Cryostimulation helps slow the deterioration of the blood and oxygen supply to the skin, that comes with age, by improving the efficiency of our skin’s blood vessel network. During treatment, blood vessels contract and dilate which instantaneously boosts microcirculation to the skin for several hours after treatment and gives the network a strengthening ‘workout’, similar to training our muscles.

Regular sessions improve local blood flow in our skin more long-term. With time the resulting higher pressure on the thin capillary walls will cause microvascular networks to branch out in order to accommodate the increased volume of blood circulation. That means that our skin’s microcirculation, oxygen and nutrient supply will fundamentally improve.

Additional benefits of the treatment are that it triggers the release of endorphins, our natural ‘happiness hormone’. You will leave your Eudelo Cell HIIT on cloud 9!

Added Bonus


5 reasons to choose Eudelo for your cosmetic Treatment

  1. Specialist medical & aesthetic dermatology team
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  2. Multi award-winning, CQC registered clinic
    Proven track record of success, helping our patients feel happy in their skin with complete piece of mind.
  3. 360° holistic care to support your skin’s wellbeing
    We look at your skin in a holistic manner, combining different in-clinic treatments with evidence-based skincare and supplements for best long-term outcomes.
  4. Natural results guarantee
    Your aesthetic result will be 100% natural looking – nobody will ever know you accepted a helping hand.
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