Tips to Avoid Dry Skin in Winter

Tips to Avoid Dry Skin in Winter

Despite the fact we are now in March, we have bitterly cold winter weather in the UK at the moment. This often takes a toll on our skin, causing it to become drier than normal. This is a very common problem for a number of reasons which include:

– Outside climate: Dry air and exposure to wind increasing water evaporation from the skin
– Inside climate: e.g. air conditioning, sudden cooling, central heating, sitting close to a fire or fan heater
– Low-level mechanical irritation (e.g. toweling) contributing to aggravated dry, irritated skin
– Bathing or showering with hot water which may warm you up but encourages water loss from the skin
– Contact with soap, detergents, solvents etc., which washes off natural lipids from your skin

Taking in combination, it’s no wonder that skin is often so dry and irritated at this time of year. Here are my top tips to help avoid this:

1.) Apply lipid-rich emollients liberally (you might have to repeat this several times during the day, if your skin is very dry). One of the best times to apply a moisturizer is when your skin is still damp from washing your face. This locks in moisture and reduces further water evaporation. Moisturisers containing urea, ceramides and/or hyaluronic acid will benefit dry skin. However, be sure to avoid lipid-rich moisturisers if you suffer with any breakouts, even if your skin might feel dry!
2.) Avoid mesh sponges, abrasive scrubs and woven face cloths
3.) Avoid prolonged periods outdoors if the air is very cold and/or windy
4.) Wear soft, non-wooly clothing if the skin on your body is dry
5.) Avoid the use of soap and other harmful foaming cleansers. Instead use emollient face cleansers or facial cleansing oils to wash your face
6.) When washing your face, use lukewarm water only (avoid hot water)

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