Aesthetic Dermatology

“Our clinic’s work reflects the rigorous German ethic – honest and high quality with creative attention to detail and an emphasis on safety. Realistic and never overdone.”

Dr Stefanie, MD, Dermatologist®

aestheticdermConsidering a cosmetic procedure? To achieve the best possible, low-risk results it’s vital to choose the right clinic. Dermatologists are in a unique position to combine expertise in cosmetic treatments with in-depth knowledge of skin biology and conditions. All Dermatologists have undergone rigorous training in their specialty and have been assessed by their country’s medical examination boards.

In Continental Europe, where our lead Dermatologist Dr Stefanie trained, Cosmetic Dermatology has become an integrated part of General Dermatology, ensuring the highest quality and safety standards possible. Dr Stefanie has therefore brought in a sound Dermatologist’s approach to our entire clinic, so you can be sure everything we do is Dermatologist-developed and approved.

Another great thing about choosing a Dermatologist led clinic for your cosmetic treatments is that whether your skin concerns are medical or aesthetic, you’ll visit the same, one-stop clinic for them all.

Your peace of mind is paramount. So, unlike clinics where initial consultations are performed by nurses or non-medical sales staff, you will see one of our Doctors specializing in Aesthetic Medicine for the initial assessment and consultation. This first appointment is of utmost importance for the planning of your subsequent treatments and will last around 60 minutes.

We feel that it is crucial to carefully examine and analyze your skin first, rather than rushing into a procedure on the first day. We also feel that it is not good practice to perform a procedure on the day of the first consultation, as this does not give you enough time to consider our treatment suggestions and it is important not to feel rushed or pressured. We advise caution if a clinic offers a free consultation and/or rushes into procedures on the first appointment, as this will often be rather sales driven.

As a boutique clinic with a strong personal touch, we pride ourselves on treating our patients as if they were friends or family. On your first aesthetic appointment, one of our Aesthetic Medicine Specialist Doctors will have a chat with you first about your concerns, wishes and hopes for the treatment. They will then take a thorough medical history and examine your skin with a special magnifying lamp.

The next step is a full digital skin analysis. Using a high-tech facial scanning device, we measure and analyze six important parameters on your skin. These are skin texture, wrinkling, redness in the skin (for example caused by tiny broken blood vessels), invisible sun damage within the skin, pigmentation and pore size. You might have seen Dr Stefanie being featured on TV performing this digital skin analysis on patients. With this analysis we can determine exactly where your skin’s weaknesses and strengths lie and how to best support your skin to keep it looking its very best.

Your individual values will also be compared to a huge, worldwide database (anonymously of course), which ranks you within your peer group (i.e. people with the same age, same gender and same skin type). That means you will find out exactly what percentage of your age group is better and what percentage is worse than yourself in each of the measured parameters. We will explain the outcome in detail and print a summary report for you to take home.

aestheticderm2Based on our findings, we will go on to develop a bespoke aesthetic skin health plan for you. This will include personalized recommendations for your daily skincare regime at home as well as types of Medical Facials of benefit for your skin (you will also receive a printed copy of this report).

If you wish, we can go on to discuss what further ‘helping hand’ your skin might benefit from and if you decide to go ahead with one of our non-surgical procedures, we will arrange this for you. This might include rejuvenating procedures for your facial skin, but also other exposed skin areas such as the neck, chest and hands (again you will receive a written copy of our suggestions, all neatly compiled in your personalized assessment folder to take home).

And because we know how important lifestyle is for maintaining healthy and beautiful skin, you will also receive a copy (signed by the author, if desired) of Dr Stefanie’s two revolutionary books ‘Future Proof Your Skin – Slow down your biological clock by changing the way you eat’.

Non-surgical procedures that help you to look your best whatever your age are increasingly popular. They’re also becoming more and more advanced. Modern Cosmetic Dermatology addresses three key problem areas – i) lines and wrinkles; ii) loss of volume and contour; and iii) skin surface and texture. Dr Stefanie calls this The 3-D Approach to Cosmetic Dermatology™ and she has published an article about this in a peer-reviewed, international journal.

The best aesthetic results are achieved by a holistic approach combining different treatment methods to address the whole face and all its three areas of skin ageing. When this has been done successfully by an experienced practitioner, you can get fantastic results without surgery. You may have heard the term ‘liquid face lift’ to describe a non-surgical whole face approach.

We also know how important the appearance of your chest, neck and hands is to your total self-image and we can evaluate and treat these exposed skin areas, too. The confidence of knowing that you look your best has been shown in scientific studies to be a significant factor in improving self-esteem.

The ‘signature look’ we always aim for is natural, balanced and harmonious. People might comment on how good you look, or ask whether you’ve been on holiday rather than suspecting you may have had ‘something done.’

We are also keen ambassadors of ‘Regenerative Aesthetic Dermatology’. This is an exciting new approach, where we are trying to ‘help the skin to help itself’, rather than simply ‘painting over the cracks’ or artificially changing your appearance. You can find out more about this by clicking on ‘Regenerative Dermatology’ in the left hand menu.


Please note that there is a 33% surcharge to see our Medical Director.
Full initial assessment, evaluation and planning package with Doctor, including digital skin analysis – £495