Feet that look fab in flip-flops and legs worth showing off? I’ve found the perfect solutions

At last, it’s time for bare legs and strappy sandals. Dreading exposing those pasty-pale legs and rough, dry heels? You’re not alone. A long winter’s neglect – not to mention central heating – can leave the skin on your feet dry, thickened and maybe even cracked. Plus, it’s a fair bet that your legs haven’t seen daylight in months. But whoa there, no knee-jerking – sunburn’s not the way to give your legs a dress-friendly glow. I’ve found far more effective solutions to prepare you for the great summer reveal.

So, feet first. Let me introduce you to the perfect pedi – in a jar! Minor miracle ‘NeoStrata Problem Dry Skin Cream’ contains high strength (20%) alpha hydroxy acids, which will progressively soften and smoothen even very dry, tough skin on your heels. (In fact if it doesn’t do the job, you may have a skin condition that needs medical attention – see me in clinic if you’re worried).

Now for those legs. Flatter them with GloMinerals Body Glisten, a refreshing lotion with a wonderfully subtle shimmer that gives skin a smooth, even glow that also helps to make them look more slender and shapely – a best-kept celebrity secret.
Now flex those feet and liberate those limbs!