The day our skin sins finally give us away

The day our skin sins finally give us away

When we holistically access a cosmetic patient in clinic, dermatologists look at three key problem areas – a) lines and wrinkles; b) loss of volume and contour; and c) skin surface and texture problems. While early cosmetic treatments were all about ‘chasing’ lines and wrinkles, over the past couple of years there has been plenty of hype about re-contouring and volumising the face. There’s no doubt that plumper cheeks and a firmer jawline give a more youthful profile. Yet a good daily skincare regime can work wonders for your skin surface and texture, while improving elasticity, irregular pigmentation, fine lines and wrinkles.

There’s no doubt that the right skincare can also delay the need for minimal invasive procedures and even surgery. But here’s the problem. There’s a jungle of extremely appealing skincare products on beauty shelves and counters out there – even practitioners find it hard to judge which ones come with serious scientific back-up. Marketing bumf can be so misleading….

In clinic, patients are always asking me what skincare regime I recommend as a dermatologist. That’s why I have developed Here I give expert tips and advice on how to look after your specific skin type and offer a hand-picked choice of must-have products I believe will work. It’s my hope that this new website will change the way people look after their skin and help them to stop wasting cash on so-called luxury products that frankly don’t deliver.

As a dermatologist, I can’t stress strongly enough how crucial skincare is. In our 20s, mother nature helps us to hide most of our ‘skincare sins’. But from our 30s onwards, our skin is much less forgiving and it becomes more and more obvious how well it’s been looked after over the years and whether or not we’ve used regular sun protection. So don’t think skincare doesn’t make a difference. It’s no quick fix – we’re talking months to years, rather than days or weeks. But it’s worth it in the long term. So my advice is to choose your skincare wisely – and stick to it.

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