A perfect nose in your lunch break

A perfect nose in your lunch break

Everybody now seems to know that you can soften lines and wrinkles with ‘botox’ and fillers, and that cheeks can be nicely augmented with injectable ‘volumisers’. One procedure that most people are still unaware of however is non-surgical nose-shaping – and yet the results are amazing and the procedure is very quick and uncomplicated.

Non-surgical nose shaping is a relatively new variation of treatment with a hyaluronic acid filler. In our clinic we use a filler with added local anaesthetic, so that the procedure is virtually painless in most patients.

Not everybody is suitable for this treatment, but if you are, then this is a great alternative for a surgical ‘nose job’ (rhinoplasty). We can treat for example bumps on the bridge of your nose and an uneven shape to the bridge of the nose (for example after trauma or surgery). Often the nose might even appear smaller compared to before treatment. I also frequently have patients coming to see me in clinic, complaining that they can’t wear glasses or sunglasses, as these tend to slide down, due to the flatter shape of their nose. Through means of non-surgical nose shaping we can now build up flat noses, giving them a beautiful, even profile and thus reducing the problem of ‘sliding glasses’.

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