Why I don’t believe in miracles

Why I don’t believe in miracles

There’s no doubt in my mind that using a good skincare regime with effective cosmeceuticals benefits skin immensely. The problem is, the timescale needed to reap real benefits isn’t always reflected by the manufacturer’s claims, or the media’s enthusiasm, come to that. There are too many ‘miracle’ creams on the market promising dramatic, visible skin improvements after a mere two to four weeks – or even immediately. But in the real world, can we believe them?  Let’s have a closer look at those claims.

Anti-ageing creams invariably promise both instant and long term results. What you should notice immediately after application is improved hydration – your skin looks fresher and feels softer, more moist and comfortably elastic. But does looking and feeling better mean your skin has physically changed for the better? Sadly, it’s not that simple.

What I expect from an anti-ageing cosmeceutical formula goes beyond pure hydration. While it’s helping to protect my skin from environmental damage, I’d like to know it’s boosting production of good quality, wrinkle-preventing proteins including collagen and elastin. In other words, I want actual changes in my skin’s biology. And I realise this won’t happen overnight.

Let’s get real, girls – and boys, too! I’m talking months to years, rather than days to weeks. Embarking on a good cosmeceutical skincare regime is like joining a gym. You wouldn’t expect major miracles after only a couple of weeks’ exercise, would you? Remember that in your 20s nature more or less determines how your skin looks – but past 30, it’s down to you! A good skincare regime is a serious investment in your skin’s future – like a fund you keep paying into to enjoy the benefits on maturity. Bear in mind that these benefits might not show in exactly the way you expected. You’re not likely to look in the mirror one day and think ‘Wow! I look 10 years younger than last week!’  Instead, it’s my experience that after your 35th or 40th birthday you’ll suddenly begin to realise you’re looking so much younger than friends who haven’t taken their skincare seriously.  So don’t trust overnight miracles.  It’s long-term investment that pays off in the end.

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