Revolutionizing facials for breakout prone skin

Revolutionizing facials for breakout prone skin

In my clinic I see many patients with acne or rosacea and it is truly heart breaking to see how much the state of their skin can influence their confidence, mental well-being and quality of life. Once I have worked with them and their skin has begun to clear, it is equally touching to see how much peoples’ lives change once their skin looks healthy and beautiful again. Over the course of a treatment I have seen patients gradually smile more, start to carry themselves in a more happy and confident way and even dress differently, a very rewarding part of my job.

One thing that most breakout prone patients miss out on is the opportunity to go for regular facials, which the majority of women do without a thought. Imagine the amazing experience of feeling deeply relaxed and pampered, while knowing that you are giving your skin a great treat at the same time. Forgetting about your daily stresses, recharging your battery and simply ‘floating’ for an hour or so – sounds great doesn’t it? Well, unfortunately for people suffering with breakouts this isn’t as straight forward. Many of you will have had the experience that your high street facial didn’t actually have the promised benefits on your skin – or even worse: aggravated your skin problem! This is a very, very common problem for acne and rosacea sufferers – the reason being that most high street beauty therapists are not well trained enough to deal with problem skin, and have not had the advantage of working closely with a dermatologist.  Their facials are therefore often completely unsuitable for problem skin. I have seen spas marketing so-called ‘acne facials’, which when looking into it, turned out not to be suitable for breakout prone skin at all. Chances are you might end up with worse skin than before.

And that’s the reason why we are so proud to offer our very special, Dermatologist developed acne and rosacea facials for men and women with breakout prone skin. Not only will they give you an amazingly relaxing experience (an hour of pure ‘me time’) and help to keep your skin beautiful and young looking, but our specialist facials are also highly effective in helping to improve acne and rosacea. Our mission is to revolutionize facials – this is very different from what you typically find on the high street. We set out to allow people with problem skin to be able to enjoy a new type of facial – Relax in the knowledge that you are in trusted hands, with the added peace of mind that should you need additional help to turn your skin around, there is a Dermatologist at hand to help with prescription treatments where needed.

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