Nominated for Best Clinic in Aesthetic Awards 2012-2013

We are soooo thrilled to have reach the final of the Aesthetic Awards 2012-2013 as ‘Best Clinic’, ‘Practitioner of the Year’ AND ‘Best Customer Service’.
Now it’s up to voting who wins and I would be really grateful, if you could help.

Please vote for us in these three categories:
– ‘Eudelo’ for ‘Best clinic’
– ‘Dr Stefanie Williams’ for ‘Aesthetic Practitioner of the Year’
– ‘Eudelo’ for ‘Best Clinic Customer Service’

It takes less than two minutes and it would be amazing if you could vote right now…
This is the link to the voting form, which takes the form of a short questionnaire:

Vote for Eudelo!

Thank you so much for your support, which is really appreciated !


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