“I’m here because my partner sent me…”

“I’m here because my partner sent me…”

It’s surprising how often we hear this in clinic from our male patients. Many seem to feel that good skin isn’t important if you are a man. Others feel that skin that’s not going wrinkly before its time is something that only women need to worry about. Yet at the same time millions of men across the country spend thousands of pounds on gym membership and activities in order to look and feel good.

So it’s interesting why it so often takes a partner to see the light. A clarifying and rejuvenating Facial with our Medical Aestheticians has exactly the same goals. And what’s more it doesn’t involve pretty smelling creams, fluff and feathers. Quite the contrary – There’s a big difference between the pamper of a High Street salon Facial and a results driven medical Facial.

Not that there is anything wrong with pampering. We love it as much as anyone else and there is a huge industry devoted to this. Our Medical Aestheticians just have a different focus. If you have pimples, spots, rough skin, acne scars, or your skin is just starting to look like it’s reached it’s “best before” date, you should probably pay a visit.

Using a Hydrafacial machine as well as other special tricks and ingredients our Medical Aestheticians are highly trained to deep cleanse the skin and essentially ‘suction out’ excess skin oil, dead skin material and bacteria from inside the pores which are difficult to clear out any other way. This can be intense, so after that they’ll calm the skin down by using high-intensity special LED light to soothe the skin. On top of that Laura and Kate can give you additional advice on how to keep looking good going forward, all in the time it takes for a good lunch break.

We asked one of our male customers the other day how they would describe their session, after they booked in another a month later. “Like a work out for my skin” and “Addictive” were the two main phrases that stuck out. It’s also interesting to note that our male customers are even more loyal than our female customers and once they’ve had a first session, just keep coming back.

If you would like to experience a Facial session with one of our Medical Aestheticians for yourself, simply call our reception on 020 7118 9500.

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