The Ideal Christmas Present?

The Ideal Christmas Present?

Change somebody’s life for the better!

I would like to share a lovely comment I just received from Georgina in London who wrote: “I wanted to let you know that receiving your book for my birthday has been life changing…”. She goes on to say “My facial skin has changed and all my friends are commenting on how well I look.”

Another comment I received from Sue goes: “I read your book Future Proof your Skin with interest and decided to give the future food plan a try…. Within a couple of weeks my hair was more glossy, I had dropped a dress size, lost the bloatedness around my middle and have more energy. Thank you Dr. Stephanie. I certainly won’t be going back to my old habits.”

I can’t tell you how happy I am about these comments, as these changes have not come about through using the latest skincare products or having cosmetic procedures but simply through a change of diet. Changing the way you eat according to the latest scientific research really is life-changing. And I am very proud that Georgina and Sue managed to implement my recommendations with ease, not only into their own, but also their family’s lives.

Doing this is so important, as my Future Food Plan will not only make you look better, but also slash the risk of many modern diseases including diabetes, heart disease and cancers. Did you know, for example, that the newest research has revealed that being overweight increases your risk of developing breast cancer? Here is the link, if you want to see the scientific evidence:

My Future Food Plan will help you reach your healthy weight, vastly reducing the risk of all these problems. Not to mention completely overhauling how you look and feel – and the flattering comments from friends…. What better Christmas present can there be than changing somebody’s life (and skin!) for the better?

My book, which explains everything, is available from Amazon here:

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