What does a Dermatologist (with breakout prone skin…) use on her skin in the morning?

What does a Dermatologist (with breakout prone skin…) use on her skin in the morning?

As a Dermatologist, I’m only interested in using proven ingredients on my skin. However, there’s no reason high-tech, medical-led skincare can’t be supplemented with more holistic lifestyle elements. So every morning before I’ve even put a product on my face, I’ll get on my yoga mat to do 10 minutes of sun salutations. I also try to meditate or do some yogic breathing at lunch, but sadly, I don’t always have the time, if my clinic is running late. These sort of relaxation exercises have been shown to lower cortisol, a stress hormone which can speed up the skin’s aging process.

So, after sun salutations and shower, what products do I use on my skin?

As I’m prone to breakouts, but also have non-oily, sensitive skin, I have to pay extra attention to using the right type of cleanser. My favourite cleanser was for a long time La Roche-Posay’s Physiological Cleansing Gel. Sadly, they decided to discontinue it – despite my strong protests…

Since it was discontinued I tried about 12 or 15 other cleansers from various companies to replace my old favourite (not only for myself, but also for the benefit of my patients with sensitive, but breakout prone skin!). I am pleased to report that I found a good replacement (took me quiet a few weeks though…). Coincidentally it ended up being one from the same company – La Roche Posay. It’s called ‘Effaclar H cleansing mousse’ (the ‘H’ version is the important bit, the other Effaclar cleansers are for more oily skin). It cleanses my pores properly (i.e. preventing clogged pores and thus breakouts), but doesn’t dry the skin. There you go, one problem solved.

So, what’s next after cleansing in the morning? Next I apply a serum containing pure vitamin C (L-Ascorbic Acid), one of the most effective topical antioxidants you can get to protect against aging free-radicals. I use SkinCeuticals’ Phloretin CF Serum, because its effects are science proven and its water base (not oil!) doesn’t clog my pores, which is crucial for anybody with breakout prone skin.

Then I dab on some of NeoStrata’s ‘Skin Active Intensive Eye Therapy’ and apply a sun protection moisturiser. My current one is called ‘Physical Protectant’ with SPF 30 by Jan Marini, it’s tinted, amazingly light and only contains no chemical filters. When I am going out, I finish off with Exuviance’s Coverblend foundation (my colour is ‘True Beige’), which I adore, as it not only makes my skin look great, but also has active anti-ageing effects.
So, that’s my morning – quite straight forward, right?

And next week I tell you about my evening routine …

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