When can a Facial harm my skin?

When can a Facial harm my skin?

Having a facial treatment on the high street or at a spa can surprisingly be a bad idea for your skin, as these treatments haven’t been developed by dermatologists who really understand the skin’s needs.

A high street or spa Facial might be particularly dangerous for people with problem skin such as acne or rosacea breakouts, who need to make sure that they are receiving exactly the right treatment and using the right type of products on their skin.

To clarify, there are three different types of Facials:

The lowest level is a high street or spa Facial, which is mostly about relaxation and short-term skin hydration. And if relaxation is what you are after, go for it (unless you have problem skin of course).

However, if you want more long-term benefits for your skin, I recommend choosing a Medical Grade Facial (medium level) or a Dermatology Grade Facial (highest level), depending on your commitment and budget.

Dermatology Grade Facials are offered in dermatologist clinics and have been developed by a specialist dermatologist, in order to achieve maximum long-term benefits for the skin, aid optimal skin regeneration and slow down the ageing process on a cellular level.

Dermatology Grade Facials might not be as relaxing as a spa facial, but they are much more results driven. Dermatology Grade Facials are suitable for healthy skin as well as problem skin (in men, women and teenagers). They can significantly improve acne and rosacea breakouts and are also a great add-on to any form of prescription treatment.

As our skin renews itself every 4 weeks, the ideal timing for a Dermatology Grade Facial is once per month (similar to the gym, you have to go regularly for best effects!).

And a special tip for women with ‘hormonal’ breakouts – have a Dermatology Grade Facial around mid cycle (i.e. 2 weeks after the first day of your last menstruation) for maximum benefits.

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