The Clean Eating Myth

The Clean Eating Myth

The recent media outcry against ‘clean eating’ is really not helping.

To imply that ‘clean eating’ means a low-fat vegetarian or vegan diet is of course completely misunderstanding the term. ‘Clean eating’ simply means to try and avoid processed and packaged foods as much as possible, which is fully in keeping with our FuturApproved eating plan, to support longterm skin health and beauty.

Here at Eudelo we are a big fan of ‘clean eating’ (it’s also great for our skin!), but it couldn’t be further away from being a vegetarian, low-fat advocate. FuturApproved eating promotes eating loads of good fats and good organic meat and fish on a daily basis.

To suggest that ‘clean eating’ is causing anorexia is also ludicrous. Just because anorexia sufferers might mis-use this term to try and disguise their eating disorder, doesn’t mean that ‘clean eating’ is actually causing anorexia.

Our society is burdened with an ever increasing rate of obesity and Type II diabetes. ‘Clean eating’ (i.e. avoiding processed foods, eating whole foods that nature intended us to eat, real food!, and cooking from scratch) is one of the best ways to tackle this problem. The current media campaign against ‘clean eating’ really doesn’t help the fight against this massive health problem.

And … of course ‘clean eating’ also really benefits our skin, so gets a thumbs up from us!

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