Why cosmetic surgery procedures have fallen by 40% in the UK!

Why cosmetic surgery procedures have fallen by 40% in the UK!

Statics show that cosmetic surgery procedures have fallen by a staggering 40% in the UK. I think one of the main reasons for this dramatic fall is he fact that NON-surgical aesthetic treatments have improved so much over the past few years. We can now often achieve near-surgical results without a knife in sight!

As we age, our face deflates and we loose volume and contour. This is one of the major visible signs of facial ageing. While a surgical facelift can stretch the overlying skin (which might end up looking not very natural), non-surgical procedures excel in restoring this tell-tale loss of volume and contour.

Non-surgical treatments also naturally carry a lower risk and also have shorter down-time. Furthermore, non-surgical treatments are more controllable (it’s all in the fine-tuning!) and the patient has the peace of mind that should they not like the result, we can reverse most non-surgical treatments these days. So there is not that anxiety of “what if I don’t like how I look after the surgery”, which is a major fear for most patients considering plastic surgery.

Another advantage is that we can do little ‘tweakments’ over time, so the patient will gradually look better and better as time goes on, without a sudden change in appearance, leading to suspicious questions…

One of the most popular surgery ‘replacement’ treatments is the Eudelo liquid facelift. The liquid facelift uses injectables such as hyaluronic acid to lift, tighten and contour facial features and turn back the clock by 5-15 years. More youthful, softer facial contours are restored, also resulting in a more rested and friendlier look. This not only brings out the best version of you, but also has the ability to slow down further ageing. It’s a very popular treatment at Eudelo, as the results are amazing and the look completely natural.

The key is not to leave it too late though. If you start early enough, we can really slow down skin ageing so much, that surgical procedures can be greatly delayed or might even be completely avoidable. It’s much better to start with little tweakments in your 30s or 40, rather than leaving it too late and than needing major correction (which might not be possible). Prevention is better than cure, as always.

Chasing lines is out! A full-face approach restoring youthful facial contours is the next big thing. Think about a house analogy – before you start decorating (i.e. softening lines and wrinkles), you have to make sure the house is structurally sound (i.e. we have to restore youthful facial contours to avoid sagging etc.). I think once this principle becomes more generally known, everybody who is committed to keeping their skin in good shape as they age, will start gentle facial contouring as part of their beauty regime.

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