Can I improve my lips without risk of ending up looking like a duck?

Can I improve my lips without risk of ending up looking like a duck?

When we age, our lips naturally deflate and lines often appear on and around the lips. This is a very common sign of ageing that is often underestimated. Many people focus on lines and wrinkles on the face as they age, but the lips are one of the first places to age. However, once the loss of lip volume and wrinkling is addressed, this can make a huge difference to the perceived age of the individual.

The new Eudelo Lip P-Booster has been devised to allow patients to have a lip treatment that is anti-ageing, subtle and with zero risk of ending up with a ‘trout-pout’. Following the Eudelo ethos of never looking ‘over-done’, results are natural and artistic – no one will ever know!

Step 1: Creation of the PRP & HA Solution:

A small amount of the patient’s blood is taken and placed in a centrifuge, which produces the platelet rich plasma (PRP). The entire process takes less than 15minutes and creates a solution very high in growth factors to stimulate lip tissue and help prevent further lip ‘deflation’. The PRP solution is then mixed with a hyaluronic acid formula to give an instant plumping effect.

Step 2: Lip Booster Injection:

A strong numbing cream is applied to the lip area, so the procedure is painless. A small amount of the specialist Lip P-Booster is injected using a special cannula, which softly enters the lips from the corners of the mouth, making the procedure comfortable and delivers less swelling, risk of bruising and downtime than injections into the red of the lip with a sharp needle.

The Lip P-Booster instantly plumps up the lips, bringing back the lips of one’s youth. But it does not stop there. The bio-stimulation of the PRP helps prevent further decline. When infused into the lips, the platelets release plentiful growth factors, which stimulate tissue regeneration.

Step 3: Treating Lines (above and below the lips)

Via the same entry point and using the same cannula, our doctor can also use the formula to target lines around the lips to boost plumpness and smooth out lipstick bleed lines.

Recommended repeat treatment every 4-6 months.

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