What is the right age to start anti-ageing skincare? ​

What is the right age to start anti-ageing skincare? ​

Starting effective anti-ageing skincare at the right age is very important. However, it’s the skin age determining that, not the number of candles on your last birthday cake!

On the one hand, you don’t want to start with collagen supporting active ingredients such as vitamin A derivatives too early, when there is no collagen decline happening in then skin yet. For example I wouldn’t routinely recommend for a 21-year old to use retinol products, unless of course his or her skin is sun damaged, in which case it might be needed already at that tender age. I routinely recommend collagen supporting anti-ageing ingredients from the end 20s or beginning 30s, but of course depending on the individual skin condition.

While you don’t want to start anti-ageing skincare unnecessarily early, it is arguably even more important, is that you don’t start your anti-ageing skincare too late. So if somebody aged 45y for examples comes to Eudelo and tells me they have never used a retinol or any other anti-ageing cosmeceutical, my heart sinks a little, as they will have missed out on valuable 10 years plus of effective prevention, which is near impossible to make up. Don’t get me wrong, starting a good skincare regime aged 45y, or even later, is still a good idea and will make a huge difference over time, but it’s a missed opportunity, as it really is absolutely crucial to not start too late with good anti-ageing skincare for best effects.

On a realated note – it is of course never too early for preventative measures such as topical antioxidants and sun protection! EVERY woman who cares about her skin, should use these, no matter how old or young.

My advice is also to see a cosmetic dermatologist to get professional advice rather than relying on a sales rep at the local department store’s beauty counter. It’s important to get it right, as otherwise you might not only be wasting your money, but also losing valuable prevention time!

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