How do you plan to age gracefully?

How do you plan to age gracefully?

In my opinion, ‘ageing gracefully’ is one of the most misconstrued phrases in our time; when I hear it, I invariably feel worried. Often, what people mean by ‘ageing gracefully’ involves a prejudice against procedures such as BTX (‘botox’) and fillers. The assumption is that should you ‘cave in’ and accept the help of aesthetic procedures, you will inevitably end up looking obviously, pitifully ‘done’ – the polar opposite of naturally graceful. Aesthetic procedures are often seen as shameful, and those who determine to ‘age gracefully’ are proud to remain ‘undone’.

In my personal and professional opinion as a cosmetic dermatologist, this is a highly outdated way of looking at skin ageing. However, I’ll say now that I can’t blame those who hold this view. In fact, I routinely see both women and men in my clinic who ask me to tailor a good skincare regime for them, but who categorically state they’re not interested in any procedures. Now, I completely understand where they’re coming from. Looking at celebrities in magazines and on TV – and, forgive me, some of my own colleagues at aesthetic congresses – is enough to scare you off cosmetic procedures for life. But let’s look at this in a more rational, objective light.

Here’s some empowering news. Today, it’s 100% possible to take charge of how well your skin ages without ending up with one of those disastrous faces we sometimes see in the press. Today’s non-surgical aesthetic treatments are able to slow down the ageing process dramatically, while remaining so subtle that no-one would ever know you’ve accepted a helping hand.

So, let me ask you a question. What’s graceful about adopting a defeatist stance along the lines of “it’s out of my control”, or “there’s not a lot I can do’’? Once you’re in charge, then ageing gracefully will completely change direction. For me, ageing gracefully means taking charge of how well your skin will age by utilizing the latest advances and resources of modern aesthetic medicine to intelligent and full advantage. Ageing gracefully means feeling great about myself and how I look. Ageing gracefully means ageing on my terms.

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