Superdrug introducing a ‘botox’ service – good or bad?

Superdrug introducing a ‘botox’ service – good or bad?

Superdrug just announced the launch of an in-store botox and filler service, starting with prices of £99. Is that good or bad? I have to admit that we are wary about this.

While we welcome that there is an increasing public dialogue about cosmetic injectables, a budget service such as this rings alarm bells for me. Superdrug is of course not the first business to try offer this service as a low-budget service, nor will it be the last. I have seen countless ‘cheap and cheerful’ cosmetic injectables services popping up over the years, as there is a misconception that there is easy money to be made. Far from it!

More than 10 years of experience in this industry have taught me that if you want to provide a truly high-quality cosmetic service (and as a patient I wouldn’t want anything less!), this simply can’t be done at a price of for example £99. The background cost of good products such as Bocouture or Botox, plus nurses/doctor’s salary, premises, consumables etc. simply add up. Something has to give in my opinion.

If I were a patient, I would want to go for the highest quality service possible, that’s for sure. Remember, we are not talking about a haircut here, but about medical procedures that naturally come with risks.

As discussed in my book ‘Look Great, Not Done’, I also advice against isolated chasing of lines and wrinkles. That approach is outdated and not doing the patient any favours. To create great skin to be proud of requires a much more ‘holistic’ approach. My recommendation to people interested in cosmetic treatments is to go to an experienced clinic that doesn’t just offer isolated ‘botox’ and filler injections (these are no doubt great treatments, in the right hands (!), but there is much, much more to truly beautiful skin than that), but offer the full range of cosmetic treatments including regenerative treatments to slow down the skin’s ageing process on a cellular level and of course are able to deal with possible complications, should they arise.

In my experience, if something sounds too good to be true price wise, it usually is.
Stay save!

Yours truly, Dr Stefanie

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