Why do I get breakouts after eyebrow threading?

Why do I get breakouts after eyebrow threading?

‘Breakouts’ after eyebrow threading are usually one of two things – irritation or folliculitis. 

If you develop some minor redness and a few tiny little ‘bumps’, this may be a simple irritant reaction. For mild irritant reactions, a soothing aloe vera gel might be all you need (wash your hands before applying it!). 

However, if this doesn’t help, a couple of days of a mild steroid cream, best in combination with an anti-bacterial ingredient (eg prescription Fucidin H cream from your doctor) are usually very effective. 

However,  breakouts after threading can also be bacterial folliculitis, which means bacteria have entered the hair follicle during or shortly after the threading and are causing the ‘breakouts’. 

To help prevent this, hygiene prior to and around the threading procedure is very important, so make sure you are visiting a reputable salon, your therapist doesn’t reuse thread and works as cleanly as possible. 

Also, avoid touching the area with your hands for a few hours after the threading. 

It’s also a good idea to dap on a good, non-irritant anti-septic solution (eg Clinisept+ Spray) onto the skin, prior to and after the treatment. 

If despite all precautions you still develop folliculitis, you might need topical anti-bacterial treatment from your doctor (eg prescription Mupirocin cream). 

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