Clinic Design

frontIn 2016, Eudelo moved into brand new premises on Bondway, which were custom designed by one of London’s most acclaimed interior design agencies. Located between the new American Embassy and MI6, the new clinic is one of the most accessible places in London. Well-connected train and tube stations are less than a one-minute walk away.

“We wanted to do something completely different – move away from the stuffy Harley Street feel. Patients love the clinic’s fresh ambiance and luxurious interior design – it feels like a calm sanctuary within a vibrant and colorful part of town.”

Our clinic has been specially designed to help make your visit as relaxing and pleasurable as possible, while at the same time embodying cutting edge design and advanced medical provision throughout.

The theme of relaxation begins right from when you set foot in the door. One of the most striking features is our full height green wall, which runs the length of our Reception. This helps emphasize the contrast between the lively cityscape outside and the serene pace of life our side of the doors.

Reception also features one of our Inner Portraits, original modern art created from individual skin cells – commissioned by Eudelo.


As you step further away from the hustle and bustle outside and are guided into the waiting area of our clinic – the first thing that strikes you is how it comes across as a home-from-home. The centerpiece of the waiting area is a large L-shaped sofa and lounge chairs, which help make waiting so much more pleasurable.

However many of our patients come to see us in the middle of their working day, so we also designed a dedicated working bar, with high-stools, space and power for laptops as well as high speed Wi-Fi, for those who need it.

stoolsYou won’t believe how much thought we put into the very last detail when planning the clinic. Our design team for example installed over 60 lights in the waiting area alone, in order to achieve the most perfect ambience. The clinic also features modern interpretations of the Chandelier, based on sculptured wiring and the latest LED technology. Even our luxurious bathroom is worth seeing with its lavish flower bouquet and tiles hand-selected by our medical director.

“The contrast between dark brown walnut wood and our pink bar stools and sofa cushions was chosen to symbolize the wide variety of skin colours we see in clinic.”

On the other side of the working area, we have our FuturApproved tea bar. Here we have a range of 8 (at last count!) types of organic tea, as well as almond and coconut milk, and healthy natural sweeteners, so you can be confident of finding refreshment that is skin-friendly. We also offer a range of freshly brewed espressos and organic gourmet coffee with Ganoderma Lucidum, the king of antioxidants, to accommodate every taste. This is not to mention our coconut water and purified Artisan water imported from the fjords of Norway.

And as background we have a continual variety of relaxing music, from Jazz to Classic, and an eclectic range of books for you to dip into.

labTurning to the business end of things – our state of the art treatment facilities have been designed from the ground up to make sure they are both comfortable, but at the same time highly functional. Our treatment rooms feature art by Dutch X-ray photography artist Albert Koetsier. We also have a fully CQC (Care Quality Commission) approved minor operations room, where we carry out surgical procedures such as biopsies and mole removals.

Your treatment may also involve a visit to our exclusive ‘numbing room’ – which is set aside from the main waiting area to allow patients with numbing cream on their face to wait in a more discrete area while the numbing takes effect. While many clinics simply give you a tube of numbing cream and let you apply it yourself – or even worse – give you nothing at all, we make sure that all our patients have a pain-free treatment experience.

You might also make use of our diagnostics lab, which features advanced measuring and diagnostic equipment (some of them specially sourced from Germany) to help us understand your skin at a more fundamental level, and derive the best treatment plan possible.

Skincare products are an essential part of what we advise on and provide. Our retail area features hand selected cosmeceutical skincare for you to browse at your leisure, and ask your practitioner any questions you might have.

We are very proud of our new flagship premises and look forward to welcoming you here soon!