Mikisha Luke,
Medical Aesthetician

Mikisha, who started her life’s journey in Jamaica before making her way to the UK with her family at the age of 10, has a background in law, having graduated with a LLB (Legum Baccalaureus, which which translates as Bachelor of Laws) in ‘Law’ with honours from Bournemouth University (yes, it’s only at Eudelo, where you may have a Law graduate doing your Facial – we settle for nobody but the very brightest…).

However, Mikisha admits herself that she only pursued a law degree for its respectability, despite sensing early on that it wasn’t her true calling. She then ventured into the world of care giving, fostering compassion and empathy while working with people, before she decided to finally follow her true calling – skin.

Mikisha’s interest in skincare started early, battling acne with post-inflammatory pigmentation on her face, chest, and back since the tender age of 8. This struggle fuelled her curiosity and passion to unravel the secrets of skin and skincare. Driven by her unwavering passion for skin, Mikisha re-trained as a skin therapist in 2020, qualifying not only with CIBTAC, but also with the highly regarded internationally recognised qualification CIDESCO, securing the highest practical score in the CIDESCO exam – a testament to her dedication.

Since joining Eudelo (with now beautifully clear skin), Mikisha has cultivated a special interest in irregular pigmentation and scar revision, stating that working in a Dermatology clinic holds immense importance for her, allowing combination of skincare and in-clinic treatments with prescription treatment where needed.

Known for her attentive listening skills and infectious good energy, Mikisha is popular with both patients and colleagues alike.

Outside the world of dermatology, Mikisha loves exploring new cuisines, jetting off to new destinations, delving into different cultures and their histories, and indulging her adventurous side through scuba diving.

Note – We strongly recommend that people with problem skin should only see specially trained Medical Aestheticians who work alongside Dermatologists and should avoid taking advice from High Street and Spa beauty therapists. All Eudelo Medical Aestheticians have a wealth of experience in looking after both healthy skin and troubled skin with acne, rosacea and many other skin conditions. We believe they are in fact the best trained Aestheticians in the country, being personally trained by Eudelo’s Medical Director Dr Stefanie Williams, as well as continually learning from working with our expert team of Dermatologists.




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