Holly Robertson,
Medical Aesthetician

Holly, a South-West London native, started her professional journey with a dream to become an artist, graduating with a ‘Performance Design & Practice’ Diploma from Central Saint Martins. However, her other passion had always been skin, so she then set her sights on The Arts University Bournemouth, where she graduated with a BA (Hons) in ‘Makeup for Media & Performance’. This not only honed her skills as a mask and makeup artist to perfection, but also opened the door to an understanding of skin anatomy and physiology. After graduating from AUB, Holly specialised in wig making and styling and worked in this area for a few years, lending her talents as a sought after freelance wig maker for film and theatre.

However, after life threw some challenges her way, namely a battle with severe acne, she decided to adjust course and deepen her commitment to skin by re-training as skin therapist at the renowned Ray Cochrane Beauty School, where she graduated with honours with the highly regarded internationally recognised qualification CIDESCO. Now armed with a deep understanding of human anatomy, physiology, and skin treatments, Holly’s mission became clear: helping others achieve skin transformations.

At Eudelo, Holly says she is living her dream … now breakout-free and with clear skin! She thrives in an environment of like-minded colleagues, doing a job where she gets to talk about her favourite subject all day – skin. Her personal struggle with skin issues ultimately fuelled her dedication to boost confidence and bring comfort to her patients’ skin, not only helping patients to achieve clear skin, but also addressing other concerns including skin ageing and irregular pigmentation. Holly’s patients repeatedly comment on her approachable, non-judgemental nature and her gentle touch.

Outside of work, Holly treasures moments with friends and family, exploring her love for travel, cooking, and trying new foods. And yes, she’s still got that artistic streak, always seizing opportunities to let her creativity and artistic eye shine.

Note – We strongly recommend that people with problem skin should only see specially trained Medical Aestheticians who work alongside Dermatologists and should avoid taking advice from High Street and Spa beauty therapists. All Eudelo Medical Aestheticians have a wealth of experience in looking after both healthy skin and troubled skin with acne, rosacea and many other skin conditions. We believe they are in fact the best trained Aestheticians in the country, being personally trained by Eudelo’s Medical Director Dr Stefanie Williams, as well as continually learning from working with our expert team of Dermatologists.




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